New Year, New You – SRS Review & Giveaway!

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I’m so excited to be able to give back this year with a Review + Giveaway that I’m very, very stoked about!  


SRS Naturals Body Butter Moisturizing Cream in Cotton Candy:


SRS homemade natural products are different than most. They’re created using real, raw, organic and fair-trade ingredients. A high percentage of every ingredient goes into the products leaving no room for H2O, fillers, or artificial dyes. All SRS products are TRULY natural and made from scratch. Don’t be fooled by others formulated using bases, and other various cheap, ineffective, harmful additives.

My Thoughts:

If you’ve known me since high school, you know that I predominantly like to smell like one thing: Cotton Candy.  And I am highly, highly impressed with this all natural body butter!  Why?  Well, the other night I was so dry on my arms and legs that I felt borderline ashy (one of the more annoying parts about being mixed – WHAT IS MY SKIN DOING?! idk…)  I applied this body butter to my arms, hands, legs, feet, neck and body.  About an hour later I was craving doing so again, but didn’t have this particular body butter in front of me.  The lazy in me just used a different natural one, over all the parts that I had moisturized before.  I went to bed.  In the morning I caught a whiff of my hands: Cotton Candy!  Unmistakably!  How this scent lasted OVER the scent that I put on after it was beyond me and a true delight! 😀  I don’t think I’ll ever need another Cotton Candy lotion.  As far as my dry, ashy body?  Gone.  Just gone.  And soft as a babe’s bottom!

This scent in particular is perfect for everyone from your kids to your Grandma (if she’s into that kind of thing!).  And, if not, I have a few other choices to be given away (Grapefruit, Coconut Cream, Grapefruit, Chocolate, Honeydew Melon and Green Apple) to one lucky winner!

SRS Naturals Epsom Body Scrub in French Vanilla:


My mission with SRS is to provide people like you with safe, high quality products that are truly natural, fresh, and handmade to order exclusively by me.”       

-Stefanie Rose, SRS Founder & Creator

A body scrub made with Epsom salt that will slough away dry, dead cells, tighten your skin, and leave you glowing. SRS has 3 types of salt to choose from for the body scrubs!

Image My Thoughts:

I’ve had a knot in my neck since New York (a few weeks of sleeping in an unusual place will do that to you!) and I’ve been dying to get it OUT.  After a few massages, oils, heat packs, gel & hot showers, I was still in agony days later.  Fed up and exhausted, I decided to take a bath the other night.


I took one of the most luxurious baths of my life with this French Vanilla Epsom Body Scrub + the Pink Himalayan Salt Buffer that Stefanie sent over to me, and wow am I impressed!  Not only because they made the bath experience absolutely delightful, I smelled like a vanilla cookie & it was a joy to slough away all the dirt and grime, but I used this epsom salt directly on my neck/problem areas, and after only a half an hour or so soak, it hasn’t hurt once since!  What a remarkable, unexpected and lovely consequence!  She also makes them in Dead Sea Salt & tons of other flavors: unscented, coconut cream, chocolate, french vanilla, grapefruit, green apple, honeydew melon, jasmine, peach, lemon, cotton candy, patchouli, hazelnut coffee, sugar cookie or passionfruit.  This little ritual will leave your body glowing and skin happy!


And YOU can win one!

To win a Body Buffer in Peach + some samples of Body Butter


My Organic Life


SRS Naturals

on Facebook!  If you already like us both (or for an extra chance to win) leave a comment telling me what you’d like to try! 

It’s that simple!


New Year – New You!

Love & Light


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