4 Reasons To Make The Switch To All Natural Toothpaste

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It’s your first impression. It’s your communication tool. It’s your money maker. It’s your… smile!

Our smile is important. Not only does it determine how people think of us hygienically, it’s the first impression we make on others! Some people are cynical about using natural toothpaste for fear that it won’t clean as well as the conventional toothpaste… but as I discussed [here], even my dentist has conceded that nature carries the best solution to whiter teeth!

After that post, I got many questions from readers about my favorite brands of toothpaste so, if you’re like some people and not as into the DIY method of cleaning and whitening your chompers, I have just the option for you!


First, let’s talk about conventional toothpaste. Conventional toothpastes like Colgate, Crest and Arm&Hammer include some ingredients that are known to be cancer causing, including PEG’s, aspartame, SLS and fluoride. Worse? These ingredients aren’t even necessary for creating or maintaining a white smile! And if you were wondering, Toms of Maine was bought out by Colgate too – so don’t get me started on them.


All we really need is to whiten and clean our teeth is to find a product that eliminates bacteria in the mouth – naturally! Natural toothpastes benefits are derived from using ingredients like mint and other herbs, which are natural breath fresheners. These natural toothpastes are not made to function “like soap” for the teeth, the way regular toothpastes do. Instead, they act as potent germ fighters, bacteria kickers and breath fresheners, without the “suds”!



  • You don’t need a ton of synthetic crap or harsh ingredients to achieve a dazzling smile! Natural toothpaste is a healthier alternative to usual chemical-filled toothpaste, and it works better! That’s right – natural toothpaste is actually an improvement and it drastically minimizes the quantity of chemicals that can endanger you! Oral care can greatly influence your general health. Fortify your oral health with beneficial products made with organic and essential oils. Natural toothpastes, mouthwashes and other remedies can protect you from canker sores, bad breath, gingivitis and even gum disease.
  • You’ll never look back! I’m not a fan of harsh chemicals when it comes to brightening my smile. I love that David’s natural toothpaste uses all-natural calcium carbonate, baking soda and coconut oil to whiten teeth instead of artificial bleaching agents that can leave teeth sensitive to cold temperatures. Natural toothpaste achieves amazing results — with no compromise!
  • Toothpaste enters your mouth twice a day and can have a significant impact on your teeth and your body. It is SO simple to convert to a natural toothpaste today – you’ll instantly begin a healthy habit that hopefully spreads to family and friends alike! I know any time I do a coconut oil pull or whip out my David’s toothpaste, my fiancé is soon along for the oral hygiene ride! Plus, taking care of your teeth today means that your pearly whites will remain your best, most dazzling accessory for many years to come.
  • I’ll admit it. I was very hesitant to give up toothpaste made with fluoride. After all, ever since I was a kid I’ve heard that fluoride is essential for dental health! After much research (I mean, a LOT of research and a lot of questions to my dentist!),I learned that  we’re all getting enough fluoride in our drinking water and that we really do NOT need it in our toothpaste!! With this knowledge, I made the switch and have been LOVING my smile ever since!!



As a bonus, Davids packaging is 100% recyclable, the box is made by 100% wind energy and the paper from forests protected by the Forest Stewardship Council which ensures the forests are logged sustainably. I just love this company!