Cheaper, Easier, Totally Natural Botox?! I’m In!

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Botox. It’s all the rage – especially here in Southern California. Kind of considered standard, actually. I recently even overheard girls in HIGH SCHOOL banter back and forth about “who would need it first” (no talk about maybe not needing it at alloh no!) I wondered: why is it considered standard to 15 year olds to head straight for the needle when there are SO many amazing ways to create and maintain a youthful appearance naturally??

Before taking the plunge into Botox – or maybe as a healthier alternative for the future – try these suggestions first!

What IS Botox??

Botox is a neurotoxin. Let me repeat that. It’s a neurotoxin: a POISON that acts on the nervous system. Cosmetically it’s used to remove the appearance of wrinkles by temporarily paralyzing muscles.

Possible short term effects include flu-like symptoms, droopy eyelid or cockeyed eyebrows, crooked smile or drooling, trouble breathing, loss of bladder control, and other super sexy sounding things.

Its long- term effects on the brain, nervous system and muscles are unknown, although we do know that there can be some decreased ability to perform routine facial expressions depending on how and where it is injected.

Also, it’s injected straight into your face.

By the way, it doesn’t last. Nope.

Get over that fear of needles in your face, pray that the injection sight doesn’t scar, hand your hard earned money to a stranger to “fix” something that’s “wrong with you”… and you STILL have to go back 6 months later!! Sometimes even sooner!

Maybe I realllly just don’t care about having wrinkles that much (in fact, I think they’re kinda sexy) but. I’m sorry. Somebody has to say it.


I mean, really. WHAT?! WHY?! Why are we injecting a neurotoxin into our faces for SHORT TERM cosmetic benefits?!? A few wrinkles here and there? Too long in the sun, maybe?! A few too many cocktails and not enough water?! Guuuuuuyyyssss.

Do it, don’t do it. I don’t judge. Most of my friends have had it done and they know this much: I love them just the same. I’ve even gone with them to appointments. I’ve held their hand. I’ve watched doctors explain how safe it is. I’ve held tiny paper cups of water to their paralyzed lips. I’ve even been offered it FOR FREE.

But for real, I just can’t do it. Not my style. It’s the neurotoxin in the face thing. I can’t get over it. If there’s even a zillionth of a chance that I’ll end up slobbering, crooked eyed and pissing myself, you can count me out any day of the week. I don’t care WHAT it makes me look like.

That’s me, though. Truthfully, I haven’t felt the need to do it because I know that there are super simple things that can be done – not just proactively, but any time I see an unwanted line creeping in – to stop it in it’s tracks.

You can achieve the same results as Botox – naturally.

Without the needle.

And PS: it’s waaaaay cheaper.

These are my go-to’s that really WORK anytime I feel a wrinkle creeping in or notice a line getting deeper – and they’ve been a skin saver 100% of the time! Taken daily, they are seriously effective, natural solutions that will wipe 5 or more years off your appearance!


Vital Proteins – Marine Collagen

I can’t get enough of this stuff! AMAZING for skin, hair, nails and it’ll give you a totally natural glow. It’s an anti-aging supplement and it’s components have been proven in clinical trials to rejuvenate the skin, minimize fine lines, wrinkles, boost nail health, beauty and strength, restore hair growth, beat fatigue and even fight insomnia! I put it in EVERYTHING – my cawffee, water, smoothies, tea, and cooked meals – even my breakfast granola!

Vital Proteins – Grass Fed Collagen Peptides

Not sold on Collagen yet? In a recent study, women who took just 2.5 g of collagen once a day saw a 20% reduction in wrinkle depth around their eyes… in 8 weeks!! Even more significant, levels of the body’s own procollagen (the precursor to collagen) were significantly elevated, with production up by an impressive 65%!! It seems that the pills in this study could make a woman’s skin behave like a younger version of itself!!

Without collagen your skin loses the elasticity and vibrancy. With it, you can remain young forever!

Calcium Carbonate

I’ve always loved calcium carbonate in tonics + shots, but I recently started taking more of it and also putting it into just about everything I eat and drink. WOW!

I swear since I started taking Calcium every day, my skin has never looked better, wrinkles, scars and discoloration have been fading and my HAIR has grown an inch or more a week (another post on this coming soon!) SO CHEAP and the results are fantastic – I could not be happier!! This super convenient powder form couldn’t be simpler and it’s tasteless! Get this NOW.

Collodial Silver Spray

Colloidial silver is great for cuts, scraps, acne and… wrinkles?! That’s right! I’ve noticed that this spray is AMAZING on deep set wrinkles and dry spots! Topical creams that use silver sulfadiazine increase wound-healing time and it’s worked miracles on my face!

Cellular Recovery Serum

This is truly the perfect combination serum: moisturizing but not greasy. Long lasting. Scent free. Major amounts of age-defying hyaluronic acid (it’s the third ingredient) and melatonin (the fifth). Organic chia seeds brighten. Zinc clears skin. Rose petals soften. Coffee beans lift. Hibiscus acts as a natural Botox. Rosemary and willow bark come to the rescue as antiseptics in case you’re tackling a breakout. Because of ALL of it’s healing, skin loving properties, it’s dubbed the Cellular Recovery Serum! Now that we’ve been around the world together (literally!), I can absolutely say she’s a total lifesaver!

Simply apply a generous to trouble spots. GO. Done. I couldn’t believe it the first time I tried it and it WORKED. It literally looks like you put a 5 years younger costume on your skin! I just LOVE it! Can’t get enough!

Screen Shot 2016-05-02 at 2.38.48 PM

Sun Potion’s Ashitaba

Ashitaba is known as “the longevity vegetable”, and has been one of my all time favorite herbs for aging and fine lines! Legit, you will look younger. Ashitaba keeps degenerative diseases from occurring and has the power to rejuvenate your body’s cell properties. It also has growth hormones booster! Within weeks of drinking ashitaba in your tea or putting some on your food, you will feel a noticeable difference in the glow of your skin straight away. It has the effect of detoxifying and purifying your liver and at the same time whitening your skin complexion as it goes through your bloodstream.

Nordic Naturals Gummy Vitamins

Don’t let these cuties fool you! They have AMAZING anti-aging benefits! While “fat” is typically a four-letter word in the dieting world, Omega-3 is a good fat. Wrinkles begin with lack of hydration, and healthy fats keep the skin lubricated! They also help maintain the integrity of the cell membrane, which keeps toxins out of the skin and may even help protect against sun damage!

So, there you have it! A few easy, natural, simple ways to go needle-free and still look younger and amazing!

What do you think? Do you have any suggestions that have worked for you? Tweet me! Let’s chit chat!