The Best of Green Beauty: Foundation

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Green beauty has come a long way since I first started researching, e-mailing and googling my way to safer, better beauty products in 2012. Less than a handful of years later and we have some of the most effective and amazing beauty products there are to use! Just ask Vogue, Marie Claire, or Cosmopolitan, who’ve all recently written about some of the products recommended below.

A few years ago, I NEVER let foundation touch my face. When I modeled and didn’t really have a choice, I would always break out if a makeup artist used even a light to medium (nevermind heavy!) foundation on me. So if you have any kind of aversion to foundation, I feel you.

I think the most common beauty question I get asked is “Is there such a thing as getting natural, lasting coverage with natural makeup?” Oh, girl. Yes, yes there is!

Here are some of my absolute favorite foundations! Try ORGANICLIFE at checkout for a discount on some of these badass brands.


Vapour Beauty Soft Focus Foundation is one foundation I’m not sure how I ever lived without! The fact that it’s organic is just icing on the cake! Full, flawless coverage. Easily blended. Beautiful finish. Perfect for all skin types, especially combination or oily.

Alima Pure powder foundation provides some of the best coverage I’ve ever used! Just a few dabs with my brush when I am done with my liquid foundation and I’m good to go! They have so many different beautiful shades to choose from too.

Kjaer Weis honestly had me a bit skeptical at first, and dried my skin out when I initially used it. But then I realized what it’s truly for – using over your liquid foundation to cover up blemishes! And it works SO well! You can always add a drop of jojoba oil or Waxelene if it’s too dry for your skin type.

Gressa Skin is no secret in the green beauty community, and it’s no surprise why! Gressa’s foundation is AMAZING – a gorgeous liquid serum that goes on like silk, with a natural powder finish. Gressa’s powerful serum base also helps skin heal as you go, so if you’re battling any breakouts or acne, this is going to become your best friend!

Hynt Beauty is a newcomer to my beauty cabinet, but it won’t be going anywhere any time soon! This powder foundation is absolutely divine, with rejuvenating ingredients like Patchoulli oil and bergamont, which heal the skin. The fairy godmother of my face – great for bringing the whole look together.

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