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As I first sat down to write my book, a few thoughts were inescapable. How, exactly, did I end up here?

6 months after my Dad passed, with a brand spanking new book deal, the challenge to write openly and honestly about my journey and a 3 month deadline to hand in my first draft, I felt a little overwhelmed. To say the least.

Where to start?

A voice spoke up.

Start at the beginning…

That voice whispered at first. I tinkered around a bit. I asked myself again. And again. And again.

Same answer every time.

The voice spoke so loudly I couldn’t ignore it. I ended up debating it for awhile, but when I finally sat down to write…

I did start at the beginning. As far back as I could remember, and then some.

The voice continued.

It continued to direct me and to guide me.

It allowed me to let it all out when I needed to.

It reassured me sometimes that it was okay to cry.

Other times, it bluntly told me to suck it up for a minute so we could get these important things on paper.

The voice got me up early when I had written late into the night, and it dragged my butt outside to write on grey, rainy mornings. It allowed me to write while working a handful of jobs, being on set for a major motion picture, and handling a lot of emotional stuff. It told me to shut out the drama and encouraged the peace.  It assured me that I was doing the right thing, and that my words had a purpose in someone’s life. Many, many peoples lives. And it encouraged me.

It encouraged me to break my heart open.

It encouraged me to use this experience as therapy.

It encouraged me to be honest and authentic.

It encouraged me to buy fingerless gloves so that I could seamlessly write no matter what the weather, because I was determined to write my book on the beach. That beach. The beach that plays such an important role in the book.

That voice directed me, protected me and seamlessly affected everything. It guided every word.

Was the voice me?

My intuition? My spirit animal? My psyche? God? A unicorn?

Who knows?

All I know is it woke me up with bolts of inspiration on countless nights. It was the force that picked up the pen and scribbled ideas on my hand. That opened up my phone and frantically hit the record button before I lost the thought. It was the voice that told me I could when all the odds said I couldn’t.

It helped me believe that dreams do come true. That sharing truth is healing. That being open is rewarding. And that someone, someday, was going to be really glad that I did this. Because they’d believe all that truth too. And it would change them like it had changed me.

I know it helped me, steered me and sailed me peacefully along, as I constantly tried not to ask myself, “What the heck am I doing again?”

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It’s been a dream of mine to write a book since before I can remember. Ever since I realized that books were written by other people (probably around 4 years old), I’ve wanted to write one.

In fact, I wrote a pretty long 100something page “short story” in sixth grade. It was inspired by 2 poems we read by Shel Silverstein (still one of my favorite authors!) in class. It wasn’t for a project. It wasn’t for an assignment. It wasn’t for anyone but me. I still remember – word for word – how it started. I proof read it so many times.

When I was finished with it, I handed it to my literature teacher and hoped for the best.

She was blown away.

Completely astounded that her 11 year old student had been working on a book. For no reason!

She loved it.

Every time I saw her after that – for years – she asked me if I was still writing.

I think about her a lot these days.

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Cured by Nature has been #1 New Release in it’s category on Amazon. It will be available at all of your local bookstores including Barnes and Noble (another dream of mine!) today. It has nothing but honest, wonderful 5 star reviews written by every kind soul who’s taken the time to say their piece on the book. On multiple platforms. We’ve shipped out thousands to you. I’ve received countless messages from men and women in their offices, boss babes on the train, yogis in their studios, beauts getting their manis done, momma and daddies at home with their kids and people just like you, me and maybe even weirder. 🙂

Cured by Nature has affected you, protected you, connected you….  Already! And hopefully, this little book and I have helped guide you a little better on your journey.

And we launch today!

For years I let depression, anxiety and medication run the show. I honestly thought I was powerless over my life. No matter who you are or where you come from, we’ve all felt a little powerless over our emotions, illnesses or circumstances.

It has been a dream of mine to overcome my illnesses and share my story with the world in order to make it easier for someone else.

It feels incredible to be standing on the edge of that.

I am so excited to finally share this with you (my beautiful tribe) today. Please pinch me! It’s so surreal when you have been working on something for years and you finally get to reveal it to the World. Being a Virgo and sometimes-type A personality, it’s hard not to want things to always be perfect.

Today, they are.

Today I am going to take a few moments to be still and to acknowledge myself.

This is a massive goal I’ve always, always wanted to achieve.

My mission is to inspire and support. Bring happiness and intention. Love and triumph. That was my utmost intention I had when writing my book. My wish is for all people to realize how truly divine, beautiful and really magnificent they naturally are. Cured by Nature will help you do exactly that.

Make no mistake: it’s healing to be vulnerable. It’s satisfying to cleanse. It’s totally amazing to face yourself and truly figure out the inner workings of your life. It’s exciting to have a chance to begin again.

I am so proud to finally be able to bring you a sneak peek into my story today and share Cured by Nature with the world! I can’t thank you enough for being on this incredible journey with me.

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With Love,