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I like my commitments to be far-reaching into my life.  When I decided to move, I didn’t just move a little bit.  A state or two away.  I moved all the way across the country (if I went any farther I’d be in Japan).  Go hard or go home, y’dig?

Since the majority of my life, if I can help it, is “green”, organic or natural in some way, and Music is such a huge part of it, I’ve been trying to “Go Green” Musically for awhile now.

What that meant, exactly, I wasn’t sure.

Until I found Handmade Straps!


( Clearly “going green” didn’t mean “wearing your hair in a messy bun while you play”. I got that one down years ago. 😛 )


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Handmade Straps are a wonderful commitment to craft and quality for your music gear ( also available for Ukulele, Banjo and Mandolin if Guitar isn’t your thing!)  They’re completely handmade with love in the United States,  sustainable, they’re beautiful, 1 of a kind and there’s only a limited number of them!  Also, you’ll be supporting small business, which is one of the most rewarding things that one can do as a Musician (or consumer).




These are my first new straps in a long, long, long (did I mention long?) time, and I’m super proud of them!  In the past I’ve had kinda cheap leather straps (not the most comfortable if you’re a tiny person playing for a long time) and me and Josh have shared his embarrassingly old First Act strap for almost 3 years now.


Someone always comments about how wonderful and comfortable my Handmade Straps look ( they really are!) and the straps, myself and my guitars were absolutely made for one another.  Both the straps are really amazing quality, soft, and durable.  Never mind the exquisite and unique patterns that just go on and on for days!






So, what do you need to know if you wanna get your Handmade Strap on?

Founder and Creator Amanda Brewer  and I have outlined some good reasons to pick one up today:

– There’s a limited number of each strap made. Amanda says, “Working with the textile industry, fabrics are designed, produced and “retired” before you can say go! Often, I’ll find a really great fabric, buy as much of it as I can, and when it’s gone, that’s it, it’s gone! Maybe only 30 straps in that particular pattern will exist in the world, FOREVER! So, when you see a strap you love, buy it! Don’t wait, thinking it will still be available in 2 months for your girlfriend to buy as a birthday gift for you.”

– They are made in the USA by very few, real people (usually just Amanda!)

– You’ll be supporting an extremely unique and wonderful small business!

– There are straps for Ukulele, Banjo, Guitars, Mandolin, and there are leather strap options as well!

– The straps are made from Polypropylene Webbing – tough stuff! It would take over 1,500 pounds of force to break this webbing! 

– Vinyl lines the inside of each end piece made from premium suede leather to resist stretching and hold up to years of use. If you’d prefer vinyl ends, just ask Amanda!

– Fabric on the outside of the straps is reinforced with a stabilizer for durability and not only looks great but makes the guitar straps more comfortable than webbing alone and more breathable than straps made of nylon or seat-belt material. 


 I am rocking Handmade Straps in Flower Child and Ocean Paisley.

Happy Playing!

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Good luck xo


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