Morning Rituals That Could Change Your Life

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Mornings are my favorite. They really set the stage for how the rest of the day – sometimes how the rest of the week – goes! One of the most effective ways of changing our belief patterns is through maintaining daily rituals. Ancient people clearly understood the power of rituals in reinforcing good habits and improving the way we create our reality. Practicing these rituals and habits in the morning results in an improved livelihood – sometimes in just a day! Heck, the right daily rituals can mean the difference between success or failure for your whole life!

Here are some new rituals to try for yourself! They could change your life!


First thing in the morning, I reach for a lemon, the water pitcher and cayenne pepper. Why? This concoction is a daily detox! It gets your body and gut in the right “mood” for processing whatever food, toxins or pollution you may come across that day. Best to get this in your body right away! Lemon + Cayenne are great for cleansing and firing up your metabolism to encourage and stay at a healthy weight.

I add a few drops of organic iodine to my lemon + cayenne water. Iodine has been proven to ward off germs, cancers and straighten out thyroid imbalance. It’s AMAZING for you. If you have a tendency to get kidney infections, colds, allergies, depression, decreased fertility… ANYTHING!! This is ABOUT TO BE YOUR JAM!!

Next, I make a fruit smoothie. I’ve been doing this for 5 years, but I always switch it up depending on the season or what my body is craving. Lately, I’m digging making this Beauty Juice for glowing skin and an extra added boost to my immunity as the days get colder. I add a healthy scoop of Vital Proteins Beauty Greens and Collagen to this for maintaining clear skin and to get their anti-aging benefits first thing in the morning!

*Pro Tip: Use a glass straw to keep the acidic lemon and the fruits from wearing away my tooth enamel or staining my teeth. I’m a freak about this. If you choose to try or adopt this practice, I highly suggest investing in these straws, which have been showing up all over my instagram and snapchat stories lately. Unlike plastic straws, they will not leech any harmful chemicals into your drinks or your body.


After, I brush my choppers with David’s premium natural toothpaste, which is the best natural toothpaste I have found! It feels just like conventional toothpaste (if you’re into that kind of thing!) but boasts healing clays + natural anti-plaque ingredients without the nasties. Plus – it’s fluoride free and also leaves you with the most fresh breath. Don’t take my word for it – sooooo many other reviews are glowing, too! I have a longer post on this product coming soon cause I just love it so very much!! 🙂 rituals11

Now – we’re onto skincare!! Morning skincare is a non-negotiable practice for me, because if I don’t do it, I suffer immediately! First, I pop 3 DIM supplements to combat acne (you can read more about how DIM has saved my life here). Only do this when you have some food in your belly! Next, I cleanse with Josh Rosebrook’s moisturizing cleanser, which doesn’t strip the skin of it’s natural PH Balance or natural oils. I leave this cleanser on for a few minutes to let the active botanicals go to work – and then I rinse with warm water and this organic muslin face cloth.


I follow this cleanse with Josh Rosebrook’s Cacao Antioxidant Mask, which contains ingredients my skin loves and craves like organic cacao, active clays, witch hazel, marula, ashwanganda, marshmallow + even more deliciousness.

Wash your face mask off and you’re ready for the next self-love step: toning + oiling.jrlove

REALLY want to change up your morning and never regret it?! Grab yourself the Hydrating Accelerator and tell me you’re not obsessed. Just one mist and I’ve been hooked from day 1! It smells like candy and the ingredients are 100% organic and stellar for the skin. I lightly spray about 1-4 pumps and then apply  this organic hydrating serum from Josh Rosebrook. With these two together, you’ve got yourself a tried and true powerhouse for your skin. If anti-aging is your goal, this combo for you!

I think some of you may have realized in the last few weeks that I am OBSESSED with this (SUPER affordable!) jade roller. I pop it out from it’s home in the freezer (where it stays cold for my precious cells!) and use it at least once a day all over my face. The trick is to apply your balm and oil and roll towards the outside of your face. In the fall and winter, I love to break out The Blue Cocoon by May Lindstrom (this was one of my Glamour Beauty Awards picks, too!) Super moisturizing, great for breakouts, redness or uneven skin tone. Plus, if you keep it in the fridge to preserve it, it can last you a very very long time!

Last, if you really want to spoil yourself and get your day off to a great start, find an organic body oil that you absolutely love, and slather yourself in that before you officially tackle your day. This will soothe and hydrate your skin and leave you feeling refreshed (and sometimes… kinda sexy 😉 ) I love this body oil by Prim Botanicals. It reduces the appearance of stretch marks and smells like jasmine and rose!

I top off my morning rituals with Laurel’s eye balm to combat wrinkles and a dab of Waxelene on my lips.

Voila! Morning conquered!