More Than Makeup (My Experience with La Bella Figura's Makeup)

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LBFGoldenBeautyFlower3525pxl-3“We designed our makeup collection with the same high standards as our beloved skincare line: featuring superlative ingredients that heal, soothe and reveal radiance from deep within… Each piece of makeup in our collection is boosted with beneficial vitamins, minerals, rich omegas and breathable waxes that do not clog pores. Our makeup is advanced, vibrant and buildable. In other words, game-changing. We believe your skin deserves better. It always has.”

-Victoria Fantauzzi and Karen King, Co-founders, La Bella Figura Beauty

Aren’t those the words about makeup you’ve been waiting to hear your entire life?  That is – a makeup that works to improve your complexion.  One that truly nourishes while it provides coverage.  A makeup line that says what it does, and performs.  Unreal, right?   I’m dreaming.  Pinch me.  Where am I?

Screen Shot 2014-07-01 at 10.23.06 PM

Turns out, I’m in New Orleans. It’s my first official green beauty campaign, and it’s 6 a.m.  Victoria Fantauzzi, the Co-Founder of La Bella Figura, is dabbing this organic, golden hued, creamy beauty on my cheeks as she explains the ingredients.


“No beeswax, no coconut oil, nothing irritating for the skin.”

As a big fan of beeswax and coconut oil in most of my beauty products, I’m impressed by that philosophy in makeup.  Certain makeup ingredients don’t agree with a lot of women, myself included.  While my body loves coconut oil, my “face skin” can’t stand it.  There are some brands I can only use for photoshoots and have to immediately take off.  I’m impressed by her confidence and frankly, by her ingredient list.  Barbary Fig Seed Oil?  Rose Flower?  Arnica?  Lavender? White Clay?  This is in your makeup?!

She dabs a few on my cheeks, stands back, and says, ” Oh!  It looks GREAT on you!”


I catch her big, beautiful smile.  Are you sure I’m not dreaming?!

This miracle line – practically untried by the time I found myself in the French Quarter sitting in Victoria’s makeup chair – has promised to nourish and even improve my skin!  Not only am I excited for this photoshoot, I’m kind of excited for the rest of my life!!


  • My Previous Experience With Makeup On Photoshoots…

… is horrendous.  If I show up with clean, clear skin, you better believe it’ll be a clogged mess by the end of the day.  A makeup artist puts it on at 8 a.m. and you’re still wearing it (fake lashes and all!) at 8 p.m.  You’re sweaty, less than beautiful, one heels is broken and you could use a long, luxurious nap (and a big, luxurious cocktail).  The worst part?  Despite the scrub scrub scrub routine that night, most of the time, you end up with break outs somewhere.  And sometimes, it’s on your neck or ears or somewhere you’re not used to wearing makeup!  But trust me: those pores be clogged.

I’ve had a few experiences with people telling me they “make their own makeup.”  Right sister.  So do I…

I don’t care if your skincare product sells for $115 per .33/oz (LBF’s does, btw).  I don’t care if everything I’ve tried from your line has literally changed my life (in LBF’s case, it has).  I don’t care if I am in love with (in LBF’s case, I am.)  Don’t tell me you know how to “make makeup” that helps my skin.  Not MY skin!  My skin is unrulyMy skin is a mess!!  My skin is–wait.  What?!


My skin is GLOWING!  No streaks?  No hassle with coverage?!  A few dabs that really roll with the punches (of your face!) and you look like a dewey, glowing Frida reincarnation?! (okay… maybe not always that last part.  Still!)

And, 9 hours later, in Louisianna heatNo.Clogged.Pores?!?!

You know what that means: No Breakouts!


This. Line. Is. A. MIRACLE.  

We used La Bella Figura’s Golden Corrective Highlighter in Brazilian Denise, Radiant Creme Blush in Just Jenna, Hydrating Lip Colour in Lissette La Coquette and Soothing Creme Eyeshadow in Damn Elvia and I cannot tell you how much this highlighter, lip color, blush, and shadow will change your makeup experience.  Whether you’re planning on wearing your makeup for long hours of work, short little get together’s, or every day coverage, it’s perfect!  Who doesn’t want a makeup that makes their skin better as they wear it?!


Not only did it improve my skin – it looked BETTER on me as the day progressed.  My normal experience with reapplication is disastrous!  With La Bella Figura’s makeup, my skin actually looked healthier as the day went on – something you can clearly see in our photos!  It added depth and dimension to my face without looking like it was “covering anything up” (my biggest pet peeve with makeup!)  And it stayed on – tried and true – for hours and hours!  Most of the time my skin drinks up makeup like it’s water, so the long-lasting effect proved especially impressive for me.

And, after 2 days of use, I didn’t even need any makeup on day 3.  My skin was calm, clear and glowing.


La Bella Figura has actually created a makeup that truly strives to make you feel beautiful and nourished.  It moisturizes, improves, protects and radiates through your skin!  And it shows!


The Golden Corrective Highlighter debuted this week at a crazy affordable $38 – and sold out in mere hours!  But you can get yours at the La Bella Figura created A Night For Green Beauty, where they will be debuting the entire line that was used in this photoshoot!  If you’re in LA (or have any way to make it to LA) for this event, 22 niche green beauty brands will be there, releasing all kinds of new goodies for you to try!  I can’t wait to see you there!

Want to try Brazilian Denise?  LBF’s having an Instagram contest!  Hashtag “#ANFGB” & be entered to win one of your own before they officially sell!  It’s that simple!



To Complete The Look: We also used Haut Cosmetics HDD Cream in Very Agave, Studio 78 Paris Concealor in Moonlight, Vapour eyelinerHabit Cosmetic nail polish in Voodoo, and LBF’s Travel Therapy and Jardin De Fleurs.

Photographer Extraordinaire was played by Johan Salvador, who is New Orleans based and an incredibly talented man.

Makeup and Styling by Victoria Fantauzzi, cause what can’t this woman do?!

Love & Light

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Disclaimer:  This is a completely unsponsored post.  I believe 100% in what La Bella Figura is doing for the beauty community and I was happy to share my experience.  I hope that – non toxic beauty lover or makeup lover alike – you take a sincere look into their brand style and awareness about authentic, organic, fair trade and nourishing ingredients being in your makeup without costing you an arm and a leg.  This is truly revolutionary and I could not be more proud of these two beautiful women or more honored to be a part of what they are doing for the Self Nurturer in all of us.  Be Well. <3