My Gift To You: The Highest Good Meditation Experience

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As you may be aware, meditation saved my life. That’s not an exaggeration: the practice has an entire chapter dedicated to it in my book. Chapter 2, to be exact. Because the only thing more crucial to my life than my childhood is my meditation practice. 

This holiday season I wanted to give back in a real way, and I can’t think of anything better than to give you, my amazing internet fam, my very favorite (and never before heard!), brand new meditation series: The Highest Good Meditation Experience. I’ve worked hard to create a digestible and dynamo package that will totally transform you and today – it’s my gift to you!

The Highest Good Meditation Experience will help you instantly unlock techniques that will empower your life. Discover easy ways to de-stress + enjoy tips to keep you grounded, healthy and inspired. A wonderful integration of breathing exercises, mindful meditation and miraculous mantras peppered with natural acoustics and ancient singing bowls to guide you on your personal path. Allow the sounds of ocean waves to embrace you, alongside vibrations specifically chosen to aid in relaxation, brain function and mindfulness. 

Just turn on your speakers or plug your headphones in and hit play.

This breakthrough four part series includes:

  • Empowering Your Life
  • Life’s Ten Questions
  • The Connection Meditation
  • The Identity Technique

This series is my gift to you. Just click here – no code needed!

It’s free until January 5th!