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Currently I take around 35 different kinds of supplements and tinctures per day, only some of which I’ve previously touched on in my blog.

These herbs range in everything from supplements for anti-aging, to cancer prevention, to ones for my skin, hair, and nails, to supplements for my energy level, anxieties, stress, and better rest.  These natural herbs are sometimes for specific ailments, which range from moderate to severe joint and muscle pain from scoliosis and rheumatoid arthritis to stressful situations like big meetings or a long journey. Without taking these supplements, it would be (and for a long time, had been!) absolutely impossible for me to do yoga, exercise, hike, surf, swim or participate in many of the daily activities that I truly enjoy now.

When I tell people that I take 35 supplements per day, I always get the same question, “ Isn’t that expensive?”

It sure is! Although I give myself a cap per month on my supplements, it’s always nice (but often times really hard) to find good deals on things that I take a lot of – like amino acids, collagen, fish oil, and A-D vitamins.

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So when Life Equals reached out to me to be their Brand Ambassador, I couldn’t have been more excited. Not only does Life Equals provide different kinds of vitamins and supplements at an affordable price, they wanted to help me bring home that message to you with EXTRA discounts on one time and monthly purchases, just for reading!


Life Equals is also a One For One Wellness Company, meaning that for every vitamin you buy, Life Equals donates a multivitamin to children who need it in 44 countries and 33 states in the USA. I absolutely love this aspect of giving back, which you rarely find in the vitamin world.

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Today I’d like to take a minute to focus on Life Equals Focus & Energy blend of essential herbs, amino acids and B vitamins. The Organic Life & Life Equals have collaborated on a short video that details more about how Focus & Energy can help your life, improve your body on your journey, and help you achieve your goals, as well as provided you with a coupon code for a one time or monthly purchase of any Life Equals vitamins!


For a One Time Purchase on ANY Life Equals product, enter coupon code ORGANICLIFE for a 10% discount at checkout.

For a Monthly Subscription on ANY Life Equals product, which is perfect for someone like me who takes my vitamins every day and knows I will always need to stock up, we’ve provided you guys with a whopping 75% discount for your first month!! Yep. You read that right. Use coupon code ORGANICLIFE75 at checkout and watch those $ signs disappear.  After the first month, you will receive your favorite Life Equals Vitamins every month with 15% off + Free Shipping! This is a no commitment – pause or cancel anytime service.

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Not only are you providing vitamins for children in need with your purchase, you’re donating to the best cause of all: your self and your health. Check out the short version of the video below and head over to Life Equals site to get your ticket to a healthier life today.