Join Me in LA for my Cured by Nature Workshop!


I am leading a workshop at Wanderlust Hollywood in Los Angeles called Cure by Nature: Discover Your True Self tomorrow!

I am so excited to bring this workshop to one of my favorite cities on earth! Join me as I lead an inspirational talk starting with my inspiring life story, including insight into my childhood of being raised by a single mother who was a heroin addict. I will explain the why and how I got hooked on pharmaceuticals for various ailments as a teenager and why I eventually gave up pharmaceutical medications cold-turkey for natural cures.


The first 5 attendees will receive a signed copy of Cured by Nature, Waxelene lip balm and a monthly subscription to The Organic Life – Totally free (a $50 value!!) I’m so excited for this transformative workshop and REALLY excited to meet many of you!!

I’m so excited to speak on what inspired my health journey and the techniques you can use to start or propel yours! Best of all, I’ll offer insights into identifying how certain beliefs in your life have locked you into unhealthy patterns – and how to get out of those patterns instantly – TODAY! 


Today is the last day to grab your early bird tickets:


I will share transformational mind strengthening techniques that can help you be a better, happier you and powerful ways to see empowering life results in an instant! I will teach attendees small ways to shift their thinking, as well as basic meditation techniques, that can be used by anyone for personal growth, clarity and success.

There will be time for a Q&A following my talk.

Want a sneak peek?


So excited to see you!!

With Love,