In Love With: Aquarian Bath Rose Clay Mask

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I’ll be kicking off the end of July in a big way: a week of a different eco-friendly, natural, organic beauty product that I’m In Love With daily, followed by a BIG Giveaway for one lucky winner!  Stay tuned to learn what natural, organic products you should be using for your skin care, makeup and overall beauty routine!

I’d like to start my Favorites off with a brand that I honestly can’t get enough of… Aquarian Bath!  They’ve really changed the game for me: everything from their essential oils to their vegan soap to their shampoo bar has left me awestruck at how beautiful hand crafted, natural beauty goods can be when done right!


Pink Kaolin Clay (also known as the main ingredient in this amazing face mask/cleanser) is a gentle clay, making it suitable for sensitive skin. It helps stimulate circulation to the skin while gently exfoliating and cleansing it. Pink Kaolin Clay does not draw oils from the skin and can therefore be used on dry skin types.

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I use this Rose Clay Mask about once a week, on days where my skin is feeling especially stressed and oily.  It’s definitely gentle enough to use more than that, but I like to switch off with my products and this is extremely detoxifying for me personally!  I put it on my face, let it dry, and run a bath to sit in and read while it goes to work on my pores!


My skin has definitely responded well, and is left really soft and fresh and clean!  It dries (quickly!) to it’s light pink rose color, so you know just when it’s time to take it off!  (If you don’t, it will certainly remind you anytime you try to move your face! ^^)

You can purchase your Aquarian Bath’s Kaolin Mask here for only $4.99 if you’re interested in being on your way to naturally clear skin for (MUCH!) less!

Thank you very much!

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