How To Accomplish All Of Your Goals

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I love setting goals.

Most of us have big dreams that seem impossible to accomplish.  For most of my life, it seemed like no matter what I set out to do, some random force stepped in the way to intervene.  I don’t know about you but in my life experience, I’d been told that most of my dreams were unrealistic, totally crazy or required money, skills or resources that I didn’t have.

Goal setting is great.  But goal accomplishing?  Well, that’s the shit.  It’s what’s gotten me from New York to LA, has taken me from strung out pill head to sober life-a-holic and has sailed me from anxiety ridden damsel to completely kick-ass and happy business woman.  Goal accomplishing has done more good for my life and made me feel better than any material thing, any person, any situation or any drug.  It’s shaped my life more than any exercise or any experience.  Accomplishing your goals is the ultimate drug, if you do it right.

I used to get my lunch thrown around during recess and my ankles tripped in the hallway in high school.  The lewd young ladies that I went to academy with used to tease me mercilessly in merriment.  All because I kicked goal butt.

Well, okay. Also, because I was super socially awkward and preferred the company of books or video games to people.

But the discrimination was larger than that.


And the torture didn’t start – and wasn’t going to stop – because I was awkward, intimidating, shy, sad, overtly happy or anything in between.  It wasn’t about that.  I wish I knew back then that the discrimination stemmed from the fact that I was setting and readily accomplishing my goals, while other students were lobbing behind.  It was about the fact that my planner was covered in plans, and none of them involved late night parties or alternative ways to get high.  Plus, those plans got done, and crossed out.

Here are four simple steps to accomplish all of your goals & get what you want:

With love,