How Skincare Saved My Trip

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The last thing I want to worry about when I’m living out of my suitcase is my skin.  This recent trip to NY came at a stressful time in general – health wise, mostly, but little things also added up.

For instance, because I am Standby for the plane, as well as Standby for First Class, I have to dress like I’m going on the plane for First Class, regardless.  Not only because if I don’t, they won’t let me on the plane at all, but – I don’t know, did your Dad ever pick you up from the airport after not seeing you for months?  I mean, you wanna look nice, right?

Anyway, #firstworldproblems aside, that normally means I am stuck in the worst possible, last ditch Coach seat on the plane that everyone else looked at and went ” ewwww who wants to sit there?”, wearing the fanciest thing I own with a ton of makeup on for 5+ hours.  Not only that, every time I travel from West to East, I lose practically my whole entire day from the time difference.  You try getting on a plane at 7 am and arriving at 6 pm!  I mean really?!   A WHOLE DAY is gone before I can wash my face!!

Never mind all the time spent waiting at the airport before I get on the plane, or the drive home from it after arriving.  That alone is enough to get my skin acting up for days.

But, honestly – I’ve never stepped off the plane more confidently.  In fact, this trip – I didn’t even NEED makeup, and these travel-friendly skincare products were able to get some use on the plane ride!  All thanks to a Travel-sized, TSA approved sample pack of Pai!

This is the story of:


This Organic Skin Care Sample Set is a perfect introduction to the Pai brand, and it includes:

1 x organic muslin cloth
4 x 5ml pots of moisturizers: Chamomile & Rosehip, Avocado & Jojoba, Geranium & Thistle and Macadamia & Rose
1 x 5ml pot of Kukui & Jojoba Skin Brightening Exfoliator
1 x 5ml pot of Camelia & Rose Gentle Hydrating Cleanser
& it’s only $10!
I have extremely sensitive skin – it reacts to every little thing that I do (or don’t do) to it!  So I have to be super careful about what I use to treat it after a long flight or in dealing with totally different water than it’s used to.  I used the Kukui & Jojoba (my skin loves Jojoba – thanks Mixed genes!) for my Exfoliator when I arrived in NY and I couldn’t get enough of it!  My only “complaint” is that I wish there was more in the sample! 🙂
Out of all the skin creams in this pack, the Chamomile & Rosehip is my favorite!  My super sensitive skin soaks it up!
It makes me skin feel smooth, calm and glowing!  I am really sensitive to creams and this not only didn’t irritate my face – it worked!!
The smell is also DIVINE.  I recommend this to anyone with eczema or skincare problems!  I will absolutely be purchasing a whole bottle!
The Camellia & Rose Cleanser was also extremely helpful throughout my trip for the perfect face cleanse!
One day running around NYC shooting and your skin, nails, even the inside of your nose is likely to be clogged with some dirt and smog.  For this, the organic Muslin cloth is actually one of my absolute favorite parts of this set!  It’s perfect for removing dirt, makeup and crud from your face if you’re traveling, in a dirty city, on a plane or just woke up or plan on going to bed soon! 🙂  It’s been wonderful all around!
photo 2 copy
All of Pai’s products are 100% Organic, and they work fabulously!

Thank you very much.

Love & Light


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