Collagen-Infused Hot Cocoa (The Scoop + The Recipe!)

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Of course I have to throw my healthy little twist on everything, even staples like hot cocoa. But seriously – you’re going to thank me for this one!

I love nothing more than cuddling up by the fireplace with a good book and a hot cocoa when the weather gets colder. Even in San Diego, right now the fact that I need socks and sometimes even a COAT(!!!) is a big deal and calls for a lot of warm grounding potions and healing concoctions so that I don’t get sick! Hot cocoa was a staple in my childhood and something I am really enjoying experimenting with (and perfecting!) as a full fledged adult.

You guys know by now that I don’t do anything the “normal” way. Stay weird is my motto and I literally walk the walk.  So, here’s my healthy secret of the week (maybe of the whole season!): I make my hot cocoa collagen-infused. YUP.

Every delicious, frothy sip is infused with one of the best skin rejuvenators out there: collagen peptides.

packetopenpackstudypacketaddmakingcupcocoa cocoatopfrothcanhotcocoadonepeptideshotcocoas gains  The benefits of collagen are bountiful – from helping bone growth and soothing joint pain to acting as a natural botox, there is a reason everyone should be taking this vital supplement daily for optimum health and all of its wonderful wellness benefits. Once you incorporate collagen into your life for just a little while, it’s easy to notice the great advantages it provides for overall appearance (your skin literally glows!) and for those of us with chronic pain or illness (you’ll start to notice you suffer much less frequently!)

Supplementing with collagen peptides can protect the degradation of the connecting tissues. If you take 30 – 70 grams of collagen peptides per day, it’s been shown to provide a reduction of risk for injuries on muscle, tendons, and ligaments, even in professional athletes!

You are seriously never going to go a day without this stuff!

I love Vital Proteins so much because they are sustainably sourced, which is always important to me. They’re odorless and tasteless and these supplement powders deliver real results in just days! Several studies show that a daily intake of just 10 grams of collagen peptides for 4 to 24 weeks may increase bone mass density. I find that my hair, nails and skin cells all grow so much faster and thicker when I am taking a lot of collagen in my meals and drinks – and this way is sooooo much easier than popping vitamins all day!

Not sold on Collagen yet? In a recent studywomen who took just 2.5 g of collagen once a day saw a 20% reduction in wrinkle depth around their eyes… in just 8 weeks!! Even more significant, levels of the body’s own procollagen (the precursor to collagen) were significantly elevated, with production up by an unprecedented 65%!! SOOO impressive. It seems that the pills in this study could make a woman’s skin behave like a younger version of itself!

So, why not incorporate these healthy peptides into everything you can? I start my day every morning with a collagen chamomile tea (where I just mix the powder in with the tea), and at night I wind down with this collagen infused hot cocoa. I use an amazing, affordable and light espresso machine (my first! A gift from Todd last year, which I just adore!) to easily add the body-building, skin regenerating boost to this winter classic. Alternatively, this recipe can be done on the stovetop with a wooden spoon if you don’t have an espresso machine at home, however it won’t stay traditionally “frothy” as pictured. Still heavenly!!



  • Add coconut milk to smart pitcher and froth in espresso machine until bubbly. 
  • Add Vital Proteins Marine Collagen Peptides to coconut milk and froth until thoroughly combined.
  • Remove smart pitcher.
  • Combine cacao powder, ginger, turmeric, nutmeg and pumpkin spice into smart pitcher.
  • Froth until bubbly and transfer to your favorite mug.
  • Sip and enjoy!

(PS for those of you who asked, my lippie in these pictures is Survivor by Nudus – vegan and organic!)

enjoysThis post was created in loving partnership with Vital Proteins, a company that I really believe in, use daily and truly love.