Holistic Health Habits That Can Save Your Life

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Holistic Health is a concept in personal and medical upholding that all aspects of people’s needs – including psychological, physical and social – should be taken into account and seen as a whole. One of the fundamental elements in engaging in holistic health practices is to take an objective look at our present habits as they relate to diet, exercise, sleep, and overall outlook. These four elements comprise an overall foundation that can lead to optimum health or to disease (DIS – EASE), depending on the various habits we have developed over time. If we look clearly at our past and present choices, regardless of what our health concerns are, there are a ton of overlooked natural ways to treat and even cure aches, pain, disease, and bad diet habits!


Oil Pulling

One Google search on Oil Pulling and I can step off this podium.  The positive results from Westerners about this Ayurvedic technique is literally unlike any I’ve ever seen.

Using Grapeseed, Olive, or Coconut oil, the technique of Oil Pulling involves swishing it around in your mouth for 5-20 minutes a day.  That’s IT!  And the results are remarkable!  It has been shown to not only treat, but reverse gum disease, halitosis, gingivitis, cavities and even heal teeth in need of root canals!

While you are oil pulling, do not swallow or spit out the oil. Be prepared – the thick texture can take some time getting used to!

It’s important to not swallow the post-pulled oil because the oil pulling process pulls all sorts of toxins and nasty stuff out of your body through your tongue and into the oil. When you spit out the oil, it will be foamy and white: the bacteria and toxins the oil pulling has just gotten out of your body.

Coconut is a familiar taste for many people.

(You can find my DIY Coconut Oil post here!)

It has a cooler energy than sesame oil, so it’s good for people who tend to have a warmer constitution or condition of heat. Some people have reported that coconut oil is more strongly detoxifying, so it’s best to be cautious and go slowly.  It is recommended that organic, unrefined, cold pressed oils with the life force of the core substances in that oil are intact. Use the best quality you can get —unrefined, cold-pressed, which will not contain chemical residues.



My favorite part about my garden is that it feeds itself.  I’ve been composting since Day 1 – everything from garden work leftovers to my own leftovers have gotten thrown into my compost since my first plants were seedlings.  I have, in turn, used this composted soil to plant the rest of my garden, which I then weed, eat, compost, and on and on!  Flies and other pests of nuisance are also attracted to the compost and away from the munchie noms that are my precious garden.  It’s truly the most remarkable process, and I have saved hundreds if not thousands of dollars on soil, nutrient enhancers, pest control and more!


Castor Oil “Baths” 

Many of us have aches from sitting at a desk, gardening, stretching, or day to day activities that result in pain.   Tobacco, alcohol and hard to digest foods can cause immense inflammation in your body.  By massaging Castor Oil into the achey joints, using slow, circular motions, and then taking a warm shower or warm bath, you can prevent this and treat it at the same time!  Because the oil bath brings out heat and inflammation in the body, you will feel very relaxed after an oil bath.   Do this during the day and use it to relax, like a Spa day for yourself!

Taking Your Vitamins

Taking at LEAST a daily multivitamin is so important.  Significantly reduced concentrations of vitamins and minerals in today’s produce can be attributed to the fact that the majority of the foods we eat today are mass produced and no longer grown on local or community farms. Food processing and refining is also responsible for measurable nutrient losses that increase our need to supplement with a daily multiple.  With such nutrient deficient food, you need Insurance!  I recommend a comprehensive antioxidant and multivitamin for women and men as the basic foundation.  Once you begin this habit, you can add other vitamins and minerals as you come to know what your body needs.

I mean it when I say that the only pills I put in my body right now are Vitamins, Minerals & Supplements, and that my body KNOWS when I’ve missed them!  Figuring out what works for you to feel balanced and to be able to listen to your body in order to take charge of your own health is imperative no matter what your role in life is.


A Positive Outlook

No, seriously.  Focusing on the positive is one of the key factors in a healthy lifestyle.  Staying present, grateful, and having the ability to be centered and clear are all part and parcel of this.  Many practices, such as deep breathing and meditation, can help get you on the road to understanding yourself and your environment, and get you back on track.    It’s NEVER too late to start! Optimism is cumulative and is one of the most important elements in creating and maintaining a holistic health practice that will endure.


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Good luck!

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