The Healthy Beauty Products Every Woman Should Own:

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The healthy beauty market went from 0 to 100 real quick. With so many options out there today, it’s difficult to pin down exactly which healthy beauty products you should spend your hard-earned money on. Today, I’ve narrowed down my healthiest must-have’s to 5 products that you need to own. Now you can consider yourself the ultimate feminine health guru!

No matter what oils or toners you use, there is one extra step to a great complexion: a glow that comes from the inside, out. Vitex not only gives you a killer glow, but it can help with all kinds of feminine health problems like PCOS, PMS, Endometriosis, Fibromyalgia, cystic acne, hormonal acne, thyroid issues and more. It’s also been reported to improve female fertility, promote lactation and lower menopause symptoms. It’s a preventive medicine MUST for every woman! This supplement is beauty in a bottle. Check out the overwhelmingly great reviews!

No beauty ritual is complete without a jade roller! It’s an amazing way to roll organic oils onto your skin as a DIY facial treatment. It’s so luxurious. I love how it feels and my skin responds to it really well. Jade rollers improve blood circulation and skin tone, improve skin elasticity and reduce wrinkles and puffiness. Your jade roller can easily reduce dark under eye circles and eliminate toxins. Leave your jade roller in the freezer and use it nightly for ultimate benefits. The jade roller can also tighten pores since the jade remains cold even when in direct contact with the skin. To use the jade roller, you simply roll upwards and outwards on your face and neck. You literally “lift” and roll the wrinkles and impurities up and out of your skin. jaderole

I preach the holy word of DIM and I always will. This one supplement CURED me of embarrassing cystic acne. Not helped, not improved, not kind of did somethingCURED. My acne is gone and it’s been gone for years now – as long as I take DIM Plus! If you struggle with acne, especially acne that is hormonal, this supplement is your must-have and don’t think twice about it. Don’t just take it from me. My good friend Greta recently started trying it as well and reported on her blog that she saw improvements in her skin overnight! Reviews on Amazon are glowing, too. For $12, it’s a no-brainer. Give it a try for a month. I believe the bottle says to take 2 a day, but if you struggle with BAD acne, take 3 or even 4 a day. I take 4 a day (2 in the morning and 2 in the afternoon), which is when I really saw improvements. My pores shrank, my oil was controlled, my T zone was less shiny, my skin was smoother and miraculously, I woke up the first week acne FREE! Previously I had tried EVERYTHING, including Accutane. DIM truly WORKS.

The reviews on Genetix Organic Enhancement Oil are glowing, from women with an A cup saying they woke up to noticeably bigger boobs on day 2, to mom’s using it to help stretch marks after nursing, there’s a reason why every woman in the World absolutely HAS to try this awesome oil! Personally, it helped me to increase 2 cup sizes in just 90 days! Seriously! (There’s photographic evidence here.) I use this enhancement oil in conjunction with Pueraria Mirifica, an herb which the oil also contains. In fact, this oil has nine potent organic herbs and carrier oils that help to increase breast size, depth and fullness. 

Also, it’s the ONLY option I’ve found that is totally natural and trust me – I’ve really done my research. Every other option contains scary toxins, parabens, PEG, alcohol or fillers like water or a gel substance (or all of the above!) No thank you! Stick with this affordable, organic option! I just love it! Seriously my best kept beauty secret. This oil also works on plumping and softening other areas, like lips, cheekbones and your neck to chest.

I owe my physique to this oil. Don’t forget to use code “STAYWEIRD” for a huge discount! I also have to mention that there’s worldwide shipping (wheeee!) Many of you asked so I thought I’d include this!

I actually can’t believe that it took soooooo long for organic tampons and pads to exist! Here are a few MAJOR reasons to make the switch (Like, today.)

  • Every year, BILLIONS of plastic laden pads and liners are disposed of, often ending up in landfill sites and even the oceans of our world.
  • Most of these pads are made from over 90% crude oil plastic which goes on to pollute global environments forever.
  • Most tampons and pads are bleached with chlorine which leads to a toxic byproduct called dioxin, which is linked to cancer as it’s a known carcinogen and endometriosis.
  • You often see “Elemental chlorine-free bleaching” on a label (also referred to as chlorine-free). This bleaching process is NOT free of chlorine at all but means that it is not a chlorine gas bleaching process! This does not exclude the use of other types of chlorine in the bleaching process. It is easy to be confused when manufacturers play with language in order to confuse you. Grrrrr!
  • Recycled cotton any better? Nope. Again… tricky marketing at play. Recycled still cannot be chlorine or pesticide free because there’s no way to ensure that the cotton products recycled were clean.
  • Pesticide-residue getting into your lady parts? 26% of the world’s pesticide is sprayed on cotton. These pesticides have been shown to affect the health of wildlife and humans in a devastating way from infertility, hormonal imbalance, even cancer. In third world countries, up to 70% of farm workers are children aged 5-15 and many involved in spraying these potentially cancer-causing chemicals onto the cotton that your tampons are made from. This is just so wrong because these children are being exposed at such a young age.
  • If the cord of your tampon has been dyed, then it’s a possible source of toxic heavy metals, thanks to azo dyes.

(The list above was written by Candice Shrieker of Joyous Health)

My favorite brands are NatracareSeventh Generation + Veeda.