I feel entirely blessed that Gressa Skin came into my life, and that Svetlana, Gressa’s Founder, is so amazing to her loyal customers and to the Green Beauty Community.  The Gressa Ritual promotes self love and organic healing. If you’re looking for the most affordable, most luxurious organic skincare line out there – you’ve come to the right Post!   I feel super grateful to share my thoughts on the whole line with you – including the coveted Lip Boosts in Bare, Brilliant and Lavish!





Who Is Gressa?

Not only does Gressa use 100% Organic, Wildcrafted, Sustainable and Natural Ingredients in this luxurious line, they also Give Back to 4 different charities.

Gressa skin solutions are designed to your improve your skin and will leave you feeling beautiful, pampered and completely glamorous. After all, your most important love affair is with yourself.  Because they are made with pure, organic, and nourishing ingredients, Gressa’s products are suited for all skin types.

Eco-chic, effective, designed for the everyday demands of a modern you, Gressa believes that beautiful skin is pure, calm, evenly toned and well hydrated and has created affordable and incredibly effective products that address each of these needs.


Gressa’s Rejuvenating Mist – $26



I am so, SO excited to share this with you and be giving it away, since it’s my favorite in the line and my staple beauty product at the moment!    I honestly have no idea how Gressa has made such an incredible product so affordable, since Neroli oil prices are off the chain (up to $67 for 1/8 of an oz!)  I need to know who the hookup is!  But seriously – you want this!!

It’s my perfume, my aromatherapy, my pillow mist, my skin pick me up, mood pick me up – everything!!  Oh yeah and I also use it as a toner too. 😉  My skin loves – craves – can’t get enough of – Neroli!  Neroli oil is a plant oil produced from the blossom of the bitter orange tree.  Its scent is sweet, honeyed and somewhat metallic.  The therapeutic properties of Neroli oil are antidepressant, antiseptic, anti-infectious, antispasmodic, aphrodisiac, bactericidal, carminative, cicatrisant, cytophylactic, cordial, deodorant, digestive, emollient, sedative and tonic.  No wonder I’m addicted to this stuff!  It’s affordable, luxe and lovely!

Dirty Pretty Things



$28 for some of the most cell regenerating, skin promoting, organic ingredients in the entire World?  Sign me up.


Dirty Pretty Things can be summed up in Three Beautiful Words: Skin.Game.Changer.  Loaded with powerful anti-oxidants and traditional herbs and spices, I feel like a Queen every time I use it!  For how gentle and foamy Dirty Pretty Things is, it’s entirely effective and nourishing.


I use it on stubborn breakouts, and it’s so compact that I can take it with me when I travel!  Hints of Vanilla, Cinnamon, Nutmeg greet you upon your first open, making the experience entirely luxurious!  This truly is a treat for your skin.  You’ll feel it tingling and working hard to remove all the dirt and grime that hide in your skin.  After a solid month of use, I’ve seen immense pore reduction, waaaay less breakouts, my skin heals quickly if I do get a blemish, and this completely takes care of stubborn redness! Even if I use another face mask, I usually throw some Dirty Pretty Things in the mix, just to be safe! 😉


Gressa’s Purifying Oil


This luxe purifying oil contains only the best Wildcrafted Ingredients – Jojoba Oil, Rosehip Oil and Macadamia Oil, along with healing Lavender & Calendula make this absolutely exquisite and – at under $40 – is mind-blowingly affordable!  One of the ingredients that make super unique is helichrysum precious oil, which is one of the most expensive oils on the market.  Its the only essential oil that you can use uncut on your skin without causing any irritation.  It is amazing for scars, fine lines and acne.


Now now now – I know what you’re thinking!


What Purifying Face Oil?

Exactly!  This highly absorbent but lightweight oil just loves your skin!  Add a few drops to your face after a shower or bath, rub in gently and you’re good to go!  No clogged pores – no grease – no mess!  Perfect for dry, winter skin, or skin fighting free radicals.  It’s also entirely calming.  I will rub some on my palms and inhale for a quick aromatherapy.  Love it’s multipurpose uses and healing, calming scent!

Gressa’s Purifying Mist


Oh, goodness.  Here I was, thinking the Rejuvenating Mist was my favorite in the line, and then Svetlana had to go and throw this beauty at me!  The Purifying Mist is a multi-tasking toner that balances, smoothes and soothes your skin and mind.


Made with Bulgarian Rose Petals, this mist quickly restores the skin’s Ph and tightens pores. Antibacterial properties help fight acne giving troubled skin a healthy glow and fresh start!  It’s completely different from the Rejuvenating Mist, but still sweet and heavenly – like you’re laying in a field of Bulgarian Roses.


I have a feeling I’ll run out just about as quickly as I ran out of my Rejuvenating Mist, since this it’s my new favorite aromatherapy.  A few spritz’s straight to the mug, on my neck or chest or just smelling the bottle calms my nerves, soothes my mind and helps me concentrate.


Gressa’s Renewing Polish


I love my compact, multi-purpose products, and this cleanser/face mask is perfect for a quick cleanse, small skin treat or for some serious blemish treatment!  I take it with me every where I travel because it’s perfect backpack or even purse size if you’re squeezed for room!  Really refreshing in the shower or for my morning face wash treatment, the Renewing Polish honestly does it all!


Honey is the natural moisturizer in this powerful product and calendula oil’s anti-inflammatory properties gives superb results!  It brightens, cleanses, exfoliates, treats and moisturizes all in one – for $29!!  Honestly, it’s completely a steal! My skin is brighter, softer, and more refreshed after each use.

Gressa Balancing Cleanser

Since this was my first at-home oil cleanser experience, Svetlana gave me specific instructions on how to use this amazing Balancing Cleanser and now I don’t know how I ever lived without it – or how I ever justified paying hundreds of dollars for someone to do this for me!clnsre

A pea size amount in your hand really does do the trick.  Rub on your face, massaging gently, and then use a steamed face cloth to cleanse.  The results?  An organic mini-facial!  And the smell!  Heavenly!  Sweet, earthy luxury in a bottle!  Healing, skin promoting ingredients make this a really amazing cleanser for removing makeup in one foul swoop, and it’s safe to use on your whole face!


A cleanser, makeup remover and blemish healer all in one!  If you’re skeptical about using an oil to cleanse, I’d honestly recommend this first.  Affordable enough to re-gift it if it doesn’t work for you and not kick yourself, but powerful enough that one use will really change your mind!

Gressa’s Night Repair Elixir


Considering this is the priciest product on the menu and it’s still under $45, you’ve found yourself a complete steal once again for a great organic product, and I cannot tell you how many post-acne scars this little bottle has cured already in just a month!  I rub this on a clean face right before bed after warming it up in my palms, and wake up with skin that’s literally been glowing!  Even my dog’s been snuggling closer to my face to get a whiff!  Jojoba, Hazelnut and Sunflower Oil make this irresistible!


The Lip Boosts


Every girl deserves a little jet black lip treat in her purse, so what better than a nourishing, organic, non toxic one?  These are the most moisturizing and hydrating lip balms I’ve ever used.  Feels like a balm, looks like a gloss!


Gressa Lip Boost in Lavish – $21

Personally I think this is an extremely flattering color for me, so it tops my lips list and I take it everywhere with me.  Lavish looks like a deeper purple but goes on more of a lovely and shimmery pink!   Long lasting, perfect if you want subtle color with a little pop!  Light, non-stick, and glamorous, it’s great for night looks or in combination to highlight other glosses or lipstick choices.  It instantly hydrates and plumps with no gimmicks or toxic crap.  Made with Carnauba Wax, Cacao Butter and Coconut Oil, this is actually healing as it delivers color and shine! How cool is that?



Gressa Lip Boost in Bare – $21



Bare is the first lip boost from Gressa’s line I had ever used, and I LOVE it!  It matches my lip color actually pretty perfectly, so it’s great for on the go wear, castings, work, the beach, hiking – and I feel secretly glamorous wearing it since it just looks like added shine! 😉



I’d say this is a subtle pink/nude color and goes on just like it looks, but because it matches so well for me it’s hard to say for sure!  Less shimmery than the Lavish or the Brilliant, I think it’s great for every day wear!  Your lips will thank you for the extra hydration!


Gressa Lip Boost in Brilliant – $21



Brilliant is probably my favorite of the line because it’s so fun to wear!    brilliantcloseinsmile

Nude, nourishing, and playful, Brilliant makes me want to go frolic in a meadow! (and I have, wearing it 😉 )  Slightly shimmery with a hint of light pink, it provides sheer, kissable, soft color and coverage.  This is one of those colors that seems like it would be flattering on anyone – a great go-to gift for a loved one or if you’re not sure which Lip Boost you want to try!


Lips are softer, fuller and more hydrated after daily use!


And these little balms make me smile! 🙂




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