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format1 format2 format3 format4 format5 format6I am so excited to share this fun Mexico shoot & two of my favorite companies with you – Ombu Lifestyle & Naturwrk.

Ombu Lifestyle: Three Argentinean sisters, Mariel, Marina, and Maria Alemann, all Miami based, started this eco-friendly company with a mission in mind: To build a new generation of conscious consumer. Help our planet and others while offering really comfy and beautiful shoes.

How do they achieve this goal?


Ombu works with Trees for the Future (also one of my favorites!).  For every purchase, Ombu is committed to planting a tree in an extremely impoverished country.  The mission is to help those in need by providing them with resources for a better life. It all starts with a seed.


Because they change lives. They provide food, forage for animals, and wood for fuel and construction. They increase agricultural yields, improve water infiltration and aquifer recharge, and protect soils from wind and water erosion.

Every pair of shoes comes with a seed for the customer to plant.

This way, two trees are added to the environment for every one pair of eco-friendly shoes!

You can browse their comfy shoes here for women and here for men.

Naturwrk is really worth a skip and a shout!  These unique eco-friendly tshirts and housewares are hand screened & printed in the USA. Most of their tshirts contain organic cotton or eco-friendly materials, and Naturwrk uses ink that contains No Phthalates and No PVC.  They donate a portion of our proceeds annually to help the earth.  For 2013, 1% of sales this year will go to for Kids To The Country, a program that has helped over 2800 disadvantaged children since its founding in1986 by giving them an opportunity to experience and learn about nature in a peaceful environment. More info:

You can check out my last post on Naturwrk & spot Ombu in this post!

These Eco-Friendly clothes & shoes were photographed by Kris Rodammer in Endemico, Mexico at The Eco-Friendly Endemico Hotel.

Thank you very much.

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