Green Beauty Palette: Baby It's Cold Outside

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It’s coooold outside!

Isn’t it?

I have to be honest… if you’ve been keeping up over on that there Instagram, you know I honestly have absolutely no idea if it’s cold outside.  I spent last weekend in San Diego on the beach working, meditating, catching some rays and catching up on reading ( I know. What a life!), and this week in LA!  I would feel guilty about this amazing January weather if I didn’t spend my entire life up until 2 years ago in one of the coldest regions of the US…

I would.  I swear.



Well, the good thing is that this hasn’t stopped me from doing some “Winter” inspired makeup looks, since LA isn’t quite at beach weather yet and everyone else I speak to has experienced nothing but snow and ice and everyone’s feeds look like I wanna curl up with some tea and a good book!

Fun fact: The song “Baby It’s Cold Outside” (one of my favs!) is a song by Frank Loesser, who wrote it in 1944 and premiered the song with his wife, Lynn Garland, at their Navarro Hotel housewarming party, toward the end of the evening, signifying to guests that it was nearly time to end the party. Garland considered it “their song” and was furious when Loesser sold the song to MGM.

Oh, 1940’s Composers.  You rapscallions! 

Annnyway, dorking out our not, this shade of Wildberry from Logona is the perfect all natural lipstick to kick off the new year!  It’s shimmery, long lasting, and very kissable!  Not too pink, not too red!  I built the rest of this “not too pink” look around it: some TANF Lip And Cheeks in Rose Goddess blush [also applied as eyeshadow – don’t you just love Green Makeup? So versatile! 😉 ] really helped seal the deal!


A big, big hug and amazingly humble THANK YOU so, SO much to my good friend and talented green beauty Stephanie over at Elegant Rebel Beauty for these incredible TANF products! All of these The All Natural Face products in this post (and this one) were generously gifted to me by her!  They are amazing and were so thoughtful!  Check out her awesome Green Beauty Blog for inspiring makeup tips, discounted beauty, healthy alternatives, green beauty looks & wellness & more! 🙂


Uhhh hello. Yes. Click that girl’s beautiful face. ^


Thank you.


Now onto the …

  • Skin Prep:

  1. RMS Beauty Oil
  2. Logona Age Protection Day Cream
  3. GRESSA Lip Boost in BARE



  • Eyes:

  1. TANF Lip And Cheeks in Rose Goddess
  2. Genfiore Mascara – Top Lashes
  3. Logona USA Mascara – Bottom Lashes


  • Face:


  1. RMS Beauty Uncover Up 11
  2. Jane Iredale Glow Time Full Coverage Mineral BB7 Cream 
  3. Christopher Drummond Duo Phase Hydrating Concealer
  4. Christopher Drummond Finale Finish Powder


  • Cheeks:

  1. TANF Lip And Cheeks in Rose Goddess


  • Brows:

  1. Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Palette in Beauty Express


  • Lips:

  1. Logona Lipstick 07 in Wildberry
  2. Outlined with TANF Vegan Diva Stix in Red Clay
  3. which, when rubbed together, look like this:


I hope you’re all having a lovely and beautiful New Year so far!

All of the companies listed are Organic, All Natural or Vegan!

Love & Light


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