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Gemstone Organic is a Los Angeles company handcrafting 100% organic, raw and high vibrational skincare. Knowing your skin is your largest organ, they only use the highest quality food-grade ingredients and never any synthetics or preservatives! They work to feed your skin the nutrients it needs in order to heal itself.  What makes them even more unique is their ‘magic’ Gemstone Essence. These essences from precious and semi-precious gemstones deliver mineral properties to your body, it’s an experience similar to a mineral springs bath. You will feel soothed and balanced, mind body and soul.

Sara Clement, President and Owner, says, “ I have personally battled mental health issues in the past (depression, anxiety, low self-esteem..) and I know that balancing my chakras and energy body have helped me tremendously.”

Gemstone Organic are unlike any green beauty line I’ve tried yet! 100% organic, therapeutic and food grade edible, this wonderfully calming Rose creme and mist combo are made with unique and powerful gemstones that give you an extra feeling of well being while nourishing your skin! Organic Rose Quartz Créme is made with Gemstone Essences from Rose Quartz and other select Crystals. Rose Quartz is related to the Heart Chakra. This is the stone for Universal Love. Rose Quartz strengthens and balances the physical heart and circulatory system and releases impurities from body fluids. Plus it smells and feels totally amazing!

The Rose Quartz creme is great for smoothing and softening your skin (that’s from the rose quartz gem essence itself!) and the Lavender Essential Oil is great for blood circulation so it keeps your complexion bright and youthful. Rosemary Essential Oil  is a natural antiseptic and will help keep your skin clear. The gem essence in this creme is very much heart related – Rose Quartz is the stone for love (unconditional love, self love, universal love, romantic love..) and forgiveness and can help us heal our hearts and keep them open to receiving love and abundance in our lives. It’s partly what makes this creme such a soothing and relaxing one and why I love it so very much.

The Rose Hydrosol spray has a lot of the same gem essence properties in it and is uplifting and heart opening. Rose has been used for centuries as a beauty water and can tone and hydrate the skin and adds anti-oxidants and anti-aging properties. Rose Otto Hydrosol is extracted using steam distillation – unlike most standard Rose Waters that are extracted using multi-step, chemical processes. This makes the Rose Otto a cleaner and a safer product, and much more pure and therapeutic! Gemstone Organics charges the Quartz Crystals in the Gem Hydrosols for self-healing and love, and you can even re-program them yourself by holding the bottle in your hand and setting a positive intention into the crystals. Then when your hydrosol is gone you can pour out the crystals and keep those for yourself.

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