The Flower Essence Summer Spritzer Recipe

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If you guys follow along on instagram, you know that there’s one beverage above all I’ve been sipping on all summer: my Flower Essence Spritzer!

This is so refreshing!

It’s a cool, smooth summer drink with a little kick – and healthy to boot!

Delicious and super easy!






1. Chill seltzer in freezer for 5-10 mins

2. Add ice into glass and pour seltzer over ice

3. Add 2 droppers full of Dr. Bach’s Flower Essence

4. Finish with a scoop of Vital Proteins Marine Collagen

5. Stir and garnish with basil sprig and flowers

Why These Ingredients?

The cucumber/grapefruit combo lends this drink a beautiful fresh scent and taste that’s also super healthy for you! Both of these sweet plants have amazing healing properties. I also love the smell of the basil (considered one of the world’s healthiest foods!) and grapefruit before taking a sip.

Bonus: they’re not sweet and a lot less tart than lemonade!

Flower remedies are powerful yet gentle healing tools that can catalyst the resolution of deep emotional imbal­ance. They contain a small, medicinal amount of alcohol (typically around 23%) plus the essence of flowers that have been infused in water. They are amazing for your health! Flower remedies can do everything from soothing grief to calming fears, manifesting dreams, releasing unwanted thoughts and can even help with physical exhaustion and public speaking. I’ve been taking them for a couple of years now and I can’t live without them!! You can either add them to a drink or smoothie or you can take them straight under your tongue.

My love marine collagen is just amaaaaazing and this brand, Vital Proteins, is my absolute favorite!! It reduces wrinkles, encourages healthy cell production and is an all-around anti-aging agent. It also promotes bone and hair growth! Seriously so many incredible benefits. I can’t get enough of it!! Do yourself a favor and add a scoop of this to everything!




With Love,