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“Tara’s fitness plans are the best way to become your own personal trainer!”


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 Transform your life – one move at a time!


Today, you did something different. You committed to yourself.

Almost EVERYBODY wants to be fit, healthy and have their body perfectly reflect their vision, but we also know that not everybody has it! So, what’s the difference?

The difference isn’t willpower.  It’s not wanting to do something. The difference isn’t even taking action!

The difference is in having the tools to transform.

Now – you have them!


Once you purchase our guides, you will immediately see WHY they work so well for SO many people worldwide!

Immediate Benefits Include:

√ A comprehensive, health (not weight) focused workout for just $5 (that’s less than lunch!)

√ Jam packed with information and guided photos outlined in an easy to use format

√ The Organic Life’s Plans targets specific muscle groups in order to sculpt and tone your entire body.

√ Exercises were chosen that will tone the body without adding any bulk.

√ The head-to-toe program begins with smaller challenges, then naturally accelerates your progress to higher levels.

√ The plans allow your body to continue adapting and helps to avoid the “workout plateau” that many people experience.

√ A glossy, beautiful presentation of each exercise is also included to ensure you have the best direction for form, function and technique.

√ In less than one hour a day, the body of your dreams is effortlessly yours!


With an easy to do yet butt-kicking, comprehensive workout, The Organic Life Fitness Plan builds in difficulty over time and naturally sculpts and tones your body as you go! You can take your plan anywhere with you!



  • Genetix Activated Enhancement Oil – Naturally Plumps and Enlarges Breasts, Butts and Lips
  • Genetix Activated Organic Enhancement Oil – Starter Kit
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  • The Highest Good Meditation Experience by Tara Mackey
  • The 14 Day Fitness Plan
  • Cellular Recovery Serum – Traveller
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  • Detox Repair Serum – Traveller
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  • Glow Brightening Serum – Traveller
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  • The Essential Care Kit

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