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An impromptu visit and near-storm escape to and from the motherland [ New York 🙂 ] has put me in kind of a strange place.  I am really happy to be back in California and (for the third time in a year!) somehow booked the last flight out to my destination and completely missed a horrible snow storm.  Someone up there likes me! 🙂

I didn’t exactly come back to sunshine, however: it’s been drizzling here, but on the bright side, it’s been just enough to spur some serious veggie growth!  I am really feeling this set that I shot with K in Palm Springs a few weeks ago.  It reflects my mood recently perfectly, and I think it’s just dark enough to bring some drama into the day!  I am really happy with the look we achieved with all-natural makeup!  And they said it couldn’t be done! 🙂

 Lyrics: hindu doggie | Photographer: Kris Rodammer | All Natural Makeup: MarieNatie CosmeticsHoneybee Gardens Smokey Eye PalletteTruly Natural Mascara | Necklace: Morph | on location at Palm Springs, CA

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