Why You Still Smell: 4 Simple Steps To Deo Detox

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When people ask me which deodorants I use, many are surprised to find my answer: I DON’T use deodorant! ????‍♀️?

For real! I haven’t used mainstream deodorant, anti-perspirant or even what’s traditionally *labeled* as deodorant. For years! I use deodorant substitutes (one of which I recommended here for the Glamour Magazine Beauty Awards, but even that amazing skin chef always says she “cooks” her deodorant. Try getting Axe to say that!)

Ever wonder why you use deodorant but also have to KEEP using it? That’s because deodorants and anti-perspirants are traditionally designed to mask your body odor – not balance, regulate or eliminate it.

Wanna be proud of your pits? If you’re worried about putting ingredients like phthalates or aluminum onto your underarms every day, I have an alternative for you! A deodorant detox is my trick to not needing deodorant at all, once and for all! Of course, it doesn’t just happen overnight. Your body needs help to transition, but once you have the basics down, it’s simple! The solution is a quick and easy 30 day gradual challenge that prepares your body for life without deodorant – and it’s super successful! 

Here’s how it works:

  1. As you replace deodorant with organic wipes and sprays, your body will begin to regulate your sweat production since you are no longer clogging your pores.
  2. When your pores are less clogged, you’ll sweat less. Therefore, you’ll need less deodorant and less anti-perspirant.
  3. Your body will find a balance, you can use less deodorant and you will not produce a bad odor.
  4. Soon enough, your sweat and odor production will be completely regulated and you won’t need deodorant at all! (Nope – not even at that super important work thing you’re kinda dreading!)

    Want to get in on the deodorant detox trend? The ritual is simple: 
  • First, wipe under your arms with EO’s deodorant wipes. So refreshing! These deodorant Wipes are made with the same organic formula as their Deodorant Sprays, but are individually wrapped and ready to go  anywhere you might need a little backup. I love them on hikes, photoshoots and events!
  • Next, spray your favorite scent of EO’s Organic Spray Deodorant in the same spot (under the arms), for an added layer of protection. This is excellent for the winter months, where long sleeves are a must but pit stains are a big no-no!???
  • Next, if you’re wearing sleeves, spray the “pit” of your shirt with a small spritz of EO’s Organic Spray Deodorant.
  • Literally 15 seconds and you’re good to go. The best part? No sticky mess on your clothes!??
Do you use deodorant or a deo substitute? Have you done the deodorant detox challenge?

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    Photography: Leah Steiger 

    This post was created in partnership with EO Products, an organic based company that I trust and have used for many years.