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If you hear the word “crop top” and immediately shudder, you’re not alone.   If you instantly think of 90’s stars like The Spice Girls and Britney Spears, you’re not alone, either.  They’ve gotten a bad rap.  For the even remotely body conscious, crop tops fall somewhere on the “not for me” and the “why would I ever” fashion scale.  Those two words used to make me cringe.  And this is coming from someone with Posh Spice posters all over her walls from 5th to 7th grade (I’m pretty sure all that B ever wore was crop tops!)

Need I really say more?

Crop tops have come a long way since their big debut.  The crop top has been reinvented with sheer fabric, sexy seams and eye catching colors.  And I teamed up with Australian based brand Tiger Mist & LA based studio Graf & Lantz to bring you a sophisticated summer style that’s crop-a-licious (word?  It is now!)


This top in particular has me head over heels.  It finally feels like summer, and I’m a big lover of comfortable and pretty in the warmer months.   The sheer crop carries a triple threat: elegance, trend and comfort.  It can be absolutely beautiful, totally sexy and really chic all at once.  Crop tops are all about staying in proportion, and this incredibly slick style really does it all!  

This cute crop top from Tiger Mist is a perfect piece during warmer weather for day time or a night out. It doesn’t always have to bare your belly, as you can style it many different ways.  Choose a high waisted maxi skirt or a cropped pair of pants and you can pull off everything from cute to couture depending on how you pair it.  A blouse underneath looks beautifully business or a blazer or cardigan work perfectly to cover up.  It’s also a good way to keep this look weather appropriate during the cooler months.


A good clutch is the one accessory I’ve always longed for.  Any that I’ve ever invested in have been awkward to hold or too small to carry anything of importance.  But with more events to attend, it made sense to find a clutch to trust.  With practical shapes, simple lines and beautifully made pieces, I cannot get enough of this gorgeous Andie clutch!  It works with many different styles, occasions or outfits.  Whether I’m at an event, out to lunch or headed to the beach, this clutch it perfect.  Graf & Lantz are adorable dudes with incredible style.


Crop Top: Tiger Mist

Andie Clutch: Graf & Lantz

Boho Necklace: Sweet Freedom Jewelry

Makeup: Glowing & Glamorous

What’s your favorite new summer trend?

With love,