Why I Almost Said “No” To Marriage + The Big Thing That Changed My Mind

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It’s still weird to say that I recently got engaged.

The idea of putting a ring on my finger (especially that finger!) was always a little crazy to me.

I barely wear jewelry unless it’s made by someone I know or has a special meaning behind it, and I wasn’t planning on getting married.

At all.

Never mind any time soon.

Hubby-to-be knew this.

So what made him think that when he got down on one knee and pulled this particular ring out of his pocket, I had to say yes??

What, in fact, made him right about that?

Yes literally just came pouring – with flowers and honey and love and kisses – out of my mouth.

To this man, and this ring, anything other than yes was no option.

This moment and this ring meant more than a proposal.

This ring? It was special.

It’s a gemstone. Naturally.

It’s an ethical, conflict free, fair trade, sapphire (both of our birthstones!)

It’s hand cut into a perfect heart and surrounded by reclaimed diamonds.

There was no mining, displacement, environmental disruption or bloodshed of any kind involved to source it.

The icing on the cake?

It was designed by him.

There is no ring like it – anywhere in the World.

The fact that he designed it is SO incredible to me. The fact that the ring is so thoughtfully sourced really means LOVE to me.

It really encompasses not only our love, but it envelops what’s truly important to the earth.

It’s the essence of who we are as individuals and also who we are as a couple.

It means he gets it.

It means he gets us.

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We care.

We’re both huge conservationists at heart (and in practice!)

T’s been surfing, farming, traveling and helping the World through various business endeavors since high school. His company, Waxelene, is organic, natural, pesticide free, gluten free, fully sustainable, wind powered, solar powered and uses BPA-free plastic and recyclable glass. goop just called them one of The 13 Best (Clean) Do-It-All Beauty Balms!

The last 5 years of my life have been dedicated to wellness, nature, exercise, self love and the health of humanity. This year, The Organic Life has recently been named one of The Healthiest Companies by San Diego Business Journal.

We spend our mornings hiking and our afternoons yelling, “STOP THROWING THOSE ROCKS AT THE CLIFFS!” to kids on the beach (ridiculous, but true.) We spend our nights catching solar eclipses on the shoreline and naming the stars.

It means my future husband gets me.

And I couldn’t say no to that.

In the spirit of this amazing time in my life, I wanted to share some important tips for making sure your soul mate gets you, too.

Read on if you plan on getting married, getting engaged or just plain love picking out some nice jewelry for yourself or a loved one – with no guilt!

Why A Conflict Free, Eco Ring is important to consider:

  • Behind the sparkle, the jewelry industry is plagued by human rights abuses and environmental destruction. Is this what we want to support in the name of fashion or love? Of course not!
  • Buying conflict free means you are sending a message to this industry that abuse to workers, children and the environment is NOT OKAY.
  • Only .01% of the worldโ€™s diamonds meet ethical standards for pure sourcing and exceptional quality, making your jewelry not only rare, but something you can be proud to wear.
  • Being responsible in mining (or, in the case of my ring – no mining at all) allows for a conservative approach to your bling.
  • Many companies who source ethical and conflict-free stones donate a percentage of profits to those who have been harmed by the diamond industry. This is a great way to give back!
  • Diamond mining has caused brutal civil wars. Purchasing a conflict-free diamond helps support peace.
  • Girls like me will marry you!
  • “Conflict free” are two great words to begin a lifetime together with, don’t you think? ๐Ÿ™‚

So, I very enthusiastically said yes!

But what if the ring wasn’t thoughtful?

What if it wasn’t conflict-free? What if it hadn’t been totally perfectly representative of us?

What if it didn’t encompass us as people?

What if it didn’t mean, ” Hey girl, I totally understand you… let’s do this thang.”?!

What would I have said?!

Luckily, we don’t have to find out…


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With Love,


PS Although many of you have asked, I have not included specific resources for conflict-free diamonds or jewelry in this article because I believe that everyone should do their own research. What I felt was “right” may not feel “right” for you, and I want you to make your own beautiful, informed choices! I wish you the best of luck on your way!