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Kosmatology Founder Janis had a choice: she could continue treating her baby’s eczema with conventional products that never worked, or she could use her Pharmacy background and invent her own products.

As a Compounding Pharmacist, Janis knew that the steroid creams being prescribed for her 3 month old came with harmful side effects. So, she went to work.

Her first concoction is now the renowned Goody-Goody Grapefruit lotion bar. Free of preservatives that can irritate skin, this shea butter/olive oil moisturizer goes right to work soothing and healing delicate cells. I use it on my legs and shoulders during these drier months in California, and not only does it smell amazing – it works incredibly well! Candelilla wax to create a protective barrier and grapefruit peel essential oil to reduce inflammation and prevent infection.

Janis’s daughter has been eczema free for 5 years, and ultimately it inspired Janis to design an entire line of products that are specifically formulated to work naturally.


The Botanical Bliss lotion bar has become a huge personal favorite – doubling as a lipgloss, hand lotion and even an under eye cream – all in one! It’s easily plyable, so I can scoop some off the top if I don’t want to contaminate the bar. Organic Shea butter, Orgnic Olive Oil, lavender and eucalyptus make this little bar irresistible – plus, it’s convenient for travel!


From potent and safe-for-the-whole-family bug repellent to body wash, Janis isn’t afraid to design products outside of the box. I look forward to the day I have a few little ones, because brands like Kosmatology are so important for growing kids and families. From foaming hand soap to anti-bacterial wipes, often times what we think could be a harmless conventional product may actually be harming your skin or disrupting your system, causing allergies or irritation.

Kosmatology has created an amazing one-stop-shop for your daily family needs. This brand makes me wish I was a mom – so I could spoil my kids rotten with organic, healthy skincare goodies!


Mint Your Feet (how cute are these names?!) is a must-have for hard-working SAHMs or working people on the go! It smells just like a candy cane, and this at home spa-treatment is perfect to apply after a hot shower or a much-needed bath. Soothing peppermint and eucalyptus meet a soft, buttery texture that melts into skin and leaves a tingle that provides real pain relief. Think of it as a natural tiger rub! Absolutely love rubbing this lotion at night on my tired feet after a long shoot or hike – perfect if you work in heels, too! Wake up to soft feet and less pain. I am able to do longer workouts and I even use this on sore joints and muscles. Love it!

Finally, I’ve written about the amazing Kosmatology Lemongrass Face Oil quite a bit – it’s become my absolute favorite face oil for tackling and controlling stubborn breakouts and balancing oily skin!  It’s been an amazing aid in my battle against cystic acne! After my shower I apply a few drops to clean hands, rub my hands together and dab them all over my face, then I gently rub the oil into my skin. It smells amazing but not too strong – and also comes in a Rose Geranium scent if you prefer.


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Good luck, my loves!