After months and months of hard work and an amazing collaboration with my friend Scott A Woodward from across the globe, ICONS is out, with my brand new song The End featured (almost the full song can be found on the BTS video!)   Check out this incredible homage to your favorite photographers!  This is a beautiful, amazing, creative project and I couldn’t be happier to be a part of it!!

[vimeo 119419438 w=500 h=281]


[vimeo 119418780 w=500 h=281]

Read all about how Scott came to find and include The End in this awesome project here.

I am so excited to finally share this with you!  Hope you’re all having a marvelous February so far!

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Channeling Janis . . .

Channeling Janis . . .






























UJaSo99ROws219H0VaO-1reaI19Rqp1ZtcD8wleO_iY,b3Ceua-xreCmY_8HibzoP65eSvAH23n_ep4oVKDq0III’m a big music lover.  As a musician, the 60’s and 70’s really hit a strong chord for me.  The music, the clothes, the vibes, the decades are timeless, beautiful, and always seemed just a little beyond my grasp.   And the legendary, soulful and free spirited Janis Joplin has always been a huge inspiration to me.

I was over the moon when I found out I was shooting for Made For Pearl.



The electrifying and brilliant path Janis tore into history was cut tragically short well before her niece, Malyn Joplin, was ever born. Malyn was only privy to family stories and strangers’ accounts of her aunt’s colorful yet turbulent life. Growing up, Malyn was tormented by an insatiable curiosity surrounding Janis, matched by an internal resentment of having never met her in person. In search of a deeper connection to her aunt, Malyn launched Made for Pearl as a creative vehicle on her road to discovery. Each season, Malyn and the team at Made for Pearl source style inspiration from photographs, personal letters, and family stories that capture the passionate, untamed yet brave spirit of Janis. Every silhouette, fabric and detail aims to rebuild an authentic image of Janis through a modern, updated homage to her iconic style.

Made for Pearl’s inspired-by pieces are produced with top-quality materials, lovingly made in the USA. They’re designed not for the prevailing winds of a given season, but for the unchanging sensibility and aesthetic of fashion forward customers that are as constant as Janis Joplin’s unforgettable voice.  Made for Pearl designs capture the attention of fans everywhere, as well as inspire a new generation each season to discover the unmatched spirit and soul of Pearl.

The shoot was so fun!   We pumped out Janis Joplin Pandora and properly rocked out while we got ready, then ran around town trying too hard not to smile at all the complimentary whistles and whispers.  If you’re truly trying to stand out with a bohemian, timeless style, Made for Pearl is the perfect brand for you. 🙂

Dress & Clutch: Made for Pearl (follow @madeforpearl)

Mala Bracelet: Padma Design  (follow @padmadesign )

Earrings & Rings: Leslie Francesca ( follow @lesliefrancesca )

Gold Bracelet & Silver RingShashi NYC (follow @shashinyc)

Photographer: Alina Mendoza (follow @alinamendoza )

Hair: Walter Kenneth O’Dowd (follow @w_k_o )

Makeup: Kara Roberson ( follow @mystylistkara )

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A Hike (+ Video!) with Jewel Toned

A Hike (+ Video!) with Jewel Toned


Even though it doesn’t mean much for Southern California weather, I absolutely adore fall.  It’s my favorite time to go hiking.  Honestly, even though it’s totally necessary most days (or the 112 degree days) of summer, hiking in very short shorts always weirds me out (hi snakes, critters, spiders, brush, thorns and everything else in between!) and I always seem to be caught in something a little too big for me, with lots of flowy flaws for nature-times.  So it was the perfect time to pick up some fall friendly yoga and hiking gear – something longer than shorts but shorter than pants – to keep me cool, as well as calm and collected during my favorite exercise with Raelie.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=or3SQZQ9Whk&w=560&h=315]

You can check out the video I shot in my Jewel Toned to see how the street smart biker shorts wear during my recent hike.

Jewel Toned is shapewear made for every day.  Also based in LA, I absolutely love this go-getting brand.  Every single piece is designed to be worn on the outside (ok… maybe not the panties? 😉 )  It hugs curves perfectly while also “tucking in” undesirable areas.  These bike shorts are a new yoga staple for me.  Besides the cute design, butt hugging curves and the fact that they’re totally comfortable, these shorts don’t give you the dreaded cameltoe, which means these forward thinking women really have their shiz together. No chance of embarrassment  – just you hiking, running, walking, jogging, yoga-ing with your perfect self.

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At first I topped it off with a long sleeved, Quad-Tiger flowy box top from Wildlife Works – but it’s still a little too warm here for those! I managed to get a few photos in it, though, which is amazing because Wildlife Works is one of my favorite brands of all time.  Go check out all the awesome work they do through REDD+ and their incredible humanitarian efforts to bring not just awareness, but to make better solutions to poverty and conservation, as well as create jobs.  The company also finances the development of small businesses such as an eco-clothing factory, and sustainable charcoal production and distribution.
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She sure does make some silly faces. 🙂derka ding everythingbehind fallon frau gotcha

I call this one “kiss the puppy pose”.hiboooo hired horizon ileft jt1 just largest

I also broke my Ombu Lifestyle shoes out again since it’s not sandal weather anymore!  I forgot how much I totally adore them! First of all, they plant a tree for every single purchase.

Second, they’re eco-friendly themselves.

Third, they’re run by women.  3 sisters in fact.

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Either getting into or out of tree-pose. . . Raelie is in “catch me if you can” pose.
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Whats your favorite thing about fall?  Who do you turn to for yoga gear and shape wear?  I’d love to hear in the comments! 

Happy Autumn everyone!


Strange Fruit Official Video!

Strange Fruit Official Video!


The Earth Has Music For Those Who Listen

Thank you for all of your support.

You can also listen on SoundCloud!


Director: Pancho Moore
Dress: All Saints US
All Natural Makeup: RMS Beauty, Honeybee Gardens, Jane Iredale, Delizioso Skincare.

*Special Thanks to my dear & talented friend Jillian Ann for letting us use her incredible home!*

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Smile :)

Smile :)


The Galantis Video that I did for their single “Smile” has made it’s Official Debut!

I think it’s totally beautiful, and a little game changing, as most scenes would have been illegal to show just a few years ago.

It got an awesome write-up OVER HERE.

Plus, the song is fun and just rocks.


Smile. 🙂

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