Top Supplements for Breast Enhancement


Our breast health, like every healthy part of us, starts from the inside – out. Women in search of an alternative to breast enlargement surgery may be tempted to try one-size-fits-all herbal pills, without realizing that most websites selling natural breast enhancement pills do not list any potential risks. 

Instead of being enticed by those “bigger boob” one-size-fits-all vitamins, I spread out my breast health herbs throughout the day and I even started to take some of the herbs I need in tea form right before bed, so that they can work throughout the night.

I saw a big change within the first month! This experiment (and it’s amazing results) are what inspired me to start my flagship product and company Genetix, and our bestselling Activated Enhancement Oil.

Tips: First, keep in mind if you have smaller boobies and taking the herbs listed below has not worked for you in the past, you may need to just take a larger amount! (Do not exceed the recommendations on the bottle.) Without breaking recommended dosage, I was able to double and sometimes even triple my normal dosage of some of these herbs, to AMAZING overnight results!

I also spread them out throughout the day.

What I’m saying is… DON’T give up if you see something on this list you’ve tried before! I was pleasantly surprised to find that I already had many of these guys in my cabinet and just adding a tablespoon or so to my juices or smoothies in the morning made all the difference. These vitamins are so helpful for women everywhere!

Many people don’t feel they can take multiple herbs every day. If this method is not for you, then stick with our enhancement oil, which contains many of the herbs listed below in it’s formula. It works with or without supplements, although supplements may speed up your progress.



If you are looking to increase your breast size, wild pueraria mirifica is where you should start. It’s the herb with the most phytoestrogenic activity. Been a life saver for my boob health, and allowed me to really start seeing results in just a week’s time! I take 2 capsules once a day.


This herb helps the body produce more prolactin and progesterone, and it’s also considered an anti-androgen. The phyto-estrogen in wild yam to pay attention to is diosgenin, which will help improve estrogenic activity in your body.


Fenugreek is definitely one of the more popular herbs on this list. It contains a high amount of phytoestrogens including diosgenin, tigogenin, gitogenin, and yamogenin. These plant estrogens will mimic your own estrogen and help your breasts grow in size and fullness. Fenugreek is also known to increase prolactin and progesterone levels. In fact, some newly mothers use fenugreek to increase their milk flow while they breastfeed.


This natural herb has been useful in regulating the production of estrogen and can play a very useful role in breast enlargement. The roots and extracts of this herb are responsible for this desirable effect. Breast tissue health is also improved by consuming these herbal products.


Fennel contains a high level of phytoprogestins that helps stimulate your body’s own progesterone. Fennel also helps the body produce more prolactin, which stimulates milk production and breast tissue growth. I make a cup of Fennel Tea from raw seeds, honey and ginger for just this purpose.


Dandelion root is useful in increasing the production of breast cells and improving the overall health of breast tissues. This product is very popular for this purpose, since it generates no harmful side effects in the woman’s body and can exhibit sound results in a relatively short time period.

If you’re considering the use of any supplement or other forms of alternative medicine and you feel there is any medical risk, talk with your primary care provider first.