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Well, I finally did it.

After four years of pretty conscious, confident, crazy amounts of exercise daily, I finally hurt myself.

It happened last night, and I’m paying for it.

You know the deal: you work a little too hard, push yourself a little too much, and the next day you totally feel it.  Me?  I totally overexerted myself on a pull up bar, and muscle groups I didn’t even know I had got super inflamed, achey and sore because of it.  Luckily I have The Source for Muscles by Born Skincare to combat my inflammation, joint pain and all the achey icks.  With totally natural ingredients that truly work, I couldn’t ask for a better solution!  Just one or two sprays and it delivers fast acting herbal relief straight to the source of the soreness.  Check out my past review here!


I’ve teamed up with Born Skincare to give one lucky winner a bottle of The Source for Muscles!

To win, just add @BornSkincare & @OrganicLifeBlog on instagram! 

Leave a comment over there letting us know you’ve added us and you’ll be automatically entered to win!

Good luck!

With love,