The Organic Life Holiday Gift Guide: Books

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Neil Gaiman once said, “A book is a dream that you hold in your hand.”

In this hyper digital age, books have really begun to gain notoriety as the present-of-choice.  They have the power to transform us, to teach us new skills or to help us with our finances. They have the magical ability to cure us of illness or they can take us back to a different time and place. Books can – without a doubt – utterly change your life. 

That’s why I’ve rounded up some life-changing books to gift someone you love this year. Each one of these texts is helpful, powerful and eye-opening. I know you’ll love them!


THE YEAR OF MAGICAL THINKING by JOAN DIDION – a wonderful piece of the kind of personal work we rarely see from Joan Didion. A reflection on her relationships, true love and huge loss. Very moving. A serious tear jerker. I got this book for my bestie one year when she was having a hard breakup and she absolutely loved it. Great gift for moms, too.

JOURNEY TO SELF-REALIZATION by PARAMAHANSA YOGANANDA – this amazing body of work is the trilogy of an all-encompassing introduction to The Self-Realization Fellowship, as it presents in-depth discussions of the sweeping range of inspiring and universal truths that have captivated millions in Yogananda’s original Autobiography of a Yogi. I definitely recommend this book for … well, anyone! It’s the kind of prolific book where you just want to highlight the entire thing. So much raw truth, power and life-lessons for all. If you can’t think of a gift for someone, you can’t go wrong with this option!

PROFIT FROM HAPPINESS by JAKE DUCEY – Jake Ducey’s an amazing speaker, successful author and dear local comrade. His latest book, Profit From Happiness, highlights some alarming stats: 70%-80% of Americans hate their jobs or are disengaged, leading to mass depression and anxiety. He’s written this book to be your compact guide to getting over hating your job and starting to live your best life! I love how simple Jake makes complex concepts to understand and how relatable he is as a super woke millennial. Your boyfriend will thank you for this short afternoon read!

RISE SISTER RISE by REBECCA CAMPBELL – Rebecca’s latest work is prophetic. Rise Sister Rise is for the women who agreed at soul level to be here at this stage in history to lead this global shift that the mystics of all of the ages have predicted: the return of the mother and the rise of the feminine. This book is for the women in your life who live and die by their feminine reclamation. Who care about and fight for their personal freedoms and who inspires you and those around you to be their best selves. It’s also powerful pick me up for the lost, confused and depressed. A truly great gift for the fierce female in your life. 

THE UNIVERSE HAS YOUR BACK by GABRIELLE BERNSTEIN – I’m sure you can imagine this book resonated with me, as our motto for four years on this blog has been “The Organic Life is a space where the universe always has your back.” So I totally connected with this book minute one! NYT Bestselling Author Gabby Bernstein takes you on a transformation from fear to faith in this insightful work. Part personal stories, part metaphysical text, The Universe Has Your Back is, according to Gabby herself, “…about helping people find safety in the midst of uncertainty, power when they feel powerless, and love in a fearful world.” Check and check – totally accomplished. This book is a great reminder of how trust, belief and faith play very important roles in our day to day lives. Great for someone in your life who needs a small spiritual reminder.

WEAR NO EVIL by GRETA EAGAN –  I met Greta Eagan at the Love Organic Beauty Festival in LA, and I have been so impressed with her since! Wear No Evil is a great book for the fashionista in your life. It gives a thorough glimpse into what REALLY goes on in the industry behind fashion (Eagan’s background), and what we can do to create a more sustainable fashion footprint. This book is an incredible roadmap to style without sacrifice. I also recently did an interview with Greta on her blog, Fashion Me Green. Check it out! 

CURED BY NATURE by TARA MACKEY – It may seem silly to recommend my own book, but if you think you’re getting anything else on the Christmas of the YEAR MY BOOK CAME OUT, you are dead wrong, friend. 😉 I won’t wax poetic about my own work, but I will let a review on Amazon do it for me. This book is the gift for ANYONE in your circle of friends or family if this resonates with you in ANY way: 

“Cured by Nature is a fabulous book for those in any stage of of their wellness journey.  Since reading this book, I have really found myself approaching life with a more positive outlook. Cured by Nature gives practical advice on how to utilize natural alternatives for a variety of issues from depression, anxiety, skin issues and pain among some others. The suggestions are easily accessible and won’t break the bank. Tara’s science background allows her to explain how and why things work in our bodies but at a level that everyone can understand. 

I would suggest this book to anyone who’s looking to improve their lives. Absolutely what I needed to read right now. I will never give this book up. It is such a powerful, eye-opening book!”