The Magical Book Launch Party at The Detox Market

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I have a little secret to tell you guys….

… I’ve never thrown a party before in my life.

I’ve never had a Sweet 16. I never went to Prom (or did an after-party). I’ve never invited friends to party at my house on the weekends. I’ve never thrown myself a birthday party, an engagement party or indulged myself in a party for any other reason you’d ever have one.

So this was a first.

And I really surprised myself.

The Detox Market and I threw a book launch party last Saturday in LA to celebrate my premier book, Cured by Nature. The Detox Market is one of my favorite wellness spaces and I really wanted to celebrate them carrying my work in a way that would encompass everything that the book was about. Instead of stressing out about the event like I tend to do with workshops or speaking engagements, I was so excited, because this night was my way of sharing all of my very favorite things with you!

And, as a pleasant gift to me, it couldn’t have been more perfect.

Before we even put the “OPEN” sign up, people were peeking their heads in.

As far as LA parties go, the night went off completely flawlessly. The off-beat Beverly Hills rainstorm had stopped mid-afternoon, so by the time the party started at 7, it was clear, cool and comfortable. No delays, no problems – even traffic was kind to us!

Soon enough, the room was packed with all my favorite people, from best friends I haven’t seen in years to spiritual healers, musicians, photographers, models I’ve worked with for ages, friends I’ve known online (some for over a decade and some I’ve never actually met in person before!), health and wellness leaders, fellow bloggers and authors, as well as the occasional lucky LA lady who stumbled in from her stroll on Beverly Blvd. to a free festive party with food and drinks!

The food and drinks may have been one of my favorite elements. Todd grabbed some true Champagne that guests could mix with the GT’s Kombucha. GT’s is a huge staple in my life and in our house. Kombucha is an effervescent probiotic beverage that can help with skin issues, digestion, gut flora, body balance and much more. Drinking GT’s Kombucha daily has helped Todd incredibly with his celiac and has cured me completely of gut issues related to pharmaceutical withdrawal. I haven’t gone a single day in 6 years without drinking it, so it just felt RIGHT to have them there.

They were so kind to sponsor this event, and they even came, took photos, shared on their social media and were so sweet. The company is chock full of amazing people and all the guests were thrilled to try some of the newly released GT’s flavors that we served, like Cayennede and Tantric Turmeric.

Café Gratitude, one of my very favorite healthy LA and San Diego restaurants, also sponsored the launch – delivering incredible bite size vegan appetizers for each guest – as well as the most delightful desserts. I am forever grateful to them. Nutrition is a huge part of my work, has played a great hand in my life and Café Gratitude does an exemplary job of making finger-licking vegan food that’s delicious and healthy for you, but also filling and uncompromising. The chocolate covered strawberries were a big hit!

Badass beauty brand W3ll People treated guests to mini makeovers, amplifying the gorgeous glow everyone already walked in with! Jenn, who provided her makeup services, was awesome and had me laughing so much!

Finally, at the back of the room, vegan nail guru’s from NCLA spent their night doing mini-makeovers for our guests – many of whom told me that they felt this really topped off the night! All I know is by the time they got to the back where I was signing books, everyone looked fab!

Josh Rosebrook (who was kind enough to write the forward to my book!), Taza Chocolate + Waxelene all sponsored and donated to the gift bags, which the first 30 guests received (and loved!) So happy you guys get to experience my very favorites!

Many people asked me for my recommendations at The Detox Market and I said I recommend EVERYTHING (haha! So helpful!) because it all has incredible people, causes and intention behind it. Each product is bomb. They’ve helped you on their website by splitting it up into every category imaginable. Explore for yourself. You won’t be disappointed. From beauty to teas to supplements to oral health, The Detox Market carries just about ALL of my favorite brands.

Around 8 o’clock they asked if I would give a little speech. I hadn’t prepared anything, so I took a minute in the back to think and then I just went out there and spoke from the heart. I have no idea what I said. I was really choked up because seeing everyone’s wonderful, smiling, beautiful faces out there really got to me. I kept it short and sweet – and I think everyone really felt me. I felt you guys. Each and every one of you. Thank you. To everyone who came out, who bought the book, who chatted with me, who told me how this work has affected them – thank you. Seriously. I’m still blown away. I love you.

Every guest was glowing, smiling and had tons of fun. We went an hour over the scheduled time and no one minded at all. Best of all, my favorite people got to connect. It was a huge success! We sold out of each copy of the book plus some from a personal stash that I brought (just in case!), but I left one before the night ended – plus more are on their way. If you’re in town, be sure to check out your copy of Cured by Nature at The Detox Market in Los Angeles!

Check out the rest of the photos from our fun night:


Thank you guys so much for coming, for supporting, for sending your love from afar. You’re incredible. You’re fierce and fabulous and I am so happy to have you as my tribe! So much love to you all!

Big thanks to super talent and beauty Monica Baddar for taking all of these incredible photos, and to The Detox Market, Cafe Gratitude, GT’s Kombucha, W3ll People, NCLA, Taza Chocolates, Josh Rosebrook + so many more.