Announcing… My Second Book + A Giveaway!

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brind ruci abes  lilruc puppack pupin kissezAfter that heavy post last week I had to hit you with some super cute puppy pictures of our new adopted baby Ruca. Can you truly blame me? Ruca has been in our family for 3 incredible weeks and my heart has grown to the moon and back! She is TOO much and definitely making these last few weeks a little easier on the heart. I didn’t know I could love something so very much. Sweet little Ruca Bear is a pit/lab/rottie mix. She’s a future service dog. 12lbs at 7 weeks old when we brought her home. Ruca Bear: tiny little monster. I’m loving every second of puppy mamahood. I remember when Raelie was little it went by so, so fast. I’m trying to soak up every second with this one.

ANYWAY… I’ll be gushing about Ruca in another post. This post is about my new book! 

If you’ve been following my instagram or twitter lately, you may have taken note that I’ve been working extremely hard on Book #2. In fact, I remember taking a bath on the night that I first turned in Cured by Nature almost two years ago, and laughing at myself because my first thought after the immense accomplishment of finishing my first book in three months, at the age of twenty-seven, in the same year my Dad had passed away from brain cancer was, “…I really want to start writing my next book!”

I am so excited to announce that I have signed my second book deal!!

My new publisher is unique and if you know me, you know they are a perfect fit. They only publish about two dozen books a year and work very closely with their small group of select authors. The CEO’s experience is beyond impressive: a nine year role as a Vice President and Publisher at Bantam/Doubleday/Dell, a Supervisor at McGraw Hill and three years as a Vice President and Publisher at Random House. Their publication model is streamlined and their authors are true leaders in their fields (science, spirituality and business). I feel very honored and inspired to be amongst them.

I am with Select Books! My new book we are working on is along the same vein of Cured by Nature: packed with brand new mind-strengthening techniques, health advice, food, supplement and nutrition recommendations – plus just the right amount of personal backstory. I am so excited to reveal the title, publication date and context!! Oooo guys I am TRULY excited about this one, for more than one reason.

It feels like home. I went to the same school from Pre-K to 8th grade with the same 10 kids in my class. Then, I went to one of the smallest colleges in the country, Bennington College, which had a total undergrad population of just 550 when I attended. I’ve mostly signed with boutique agencies and I live for working one-on-one with clients. Let’s just say I work really well in small groups.

I’ll keep you guys updated! In the meantime, to celebrate signing with Select, I am doing a giveaway! Today, you can get a signed copy of my first book, Cured by Nature!! All you have to do is sign up for our newsletter. Yup. Seriously. That’s it. I’ll be picking FIVE emails out of our new subscribers this week and contacting you for your copy. If you’re already signed up, just add another email on there! I’ll announce the winners next Monday!

I am so thrilled to be able to share this very special news with you today. I love you all and I can’t thank you enough for all of your support. But trust me – you’ll be spoiled rotten with this new book!

Don’t forget to grab your 8+ hours of bonus material for Cured by Nature this week and get to being your most badass, healthy self!

Love + Health,