5 Easy Ways To Make Your Home Bohemian Beautiful

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Exotic, lush fabrics.  Perfectly thrown pillows, overgrown indoor foliage and the fairytale  queen dream bed.  That’s right – I’m planning my wishlist for spring redecorating, and recently I’ve been drooling over articles (like this one) that feature stunning bohemian homes. Since my home is right by the beach, the bohemian style I’m craving is slightly laid back, super bright and sophisticated, so I headed on over to one of my favorite luxury stores, Frette.  Frette linens have been featured everywhere from the altar of St. Peter’s Basilica to the dining car of the Orient Express, and more than 500 European royal dynasties have slept beneath Frette sheets!

So what will you need to create the perfect bohemian home?

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5. Beeswax Candles

Most candles don’t actually freshen or deodorize anything, they just mask smells with chemicals stronger and dangerous to our health.  I adorn my bedroom with candles like this Tosca scented summer candle with it’s beautiful gold holder and safe ingredients.  Beeswax is a safe alternative to most candle wax, which can be harmful to your health because of petroleum, stearic acid, or synthetic oils.  Beeswax candles bring a homey glow to any room and brighten up a space instantly.


4. Lady Slippers

The comfiest slippers are a must have for any bohemian home. I love traipsing around my abode in styles like these pink lady slippers, made from the finest Italian fabrics.  They keep my feet warm and comfortable while providing great support for my back.


3. Chic Throw Pillows

You can’t have a bohemian home without a ton of throw pillows to greet you! No boho-couch is complete without them, and I also love to use big, fluffy throw pillows on my bed for when I end up there daydreaming, meditating or working.  I love finding pillows with interesting and beautiful designs for the extra added “wow” factor.

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2. Throw Blankets

Throw blankets are another must-have for each and every piece of furniture in your bohemian home. I love to snuggle up with a throw blanket, oversize pillow and a good book and listen to the ocean from my living room. Great for guests, but be careful – just about everyone who comes over falls fast asleep on my couch!


1. Guest Accommodations

No proper boho home is complete without thoughtful guest accommodations. This recently became clear to me when some friends were in town and I realized in horror that I only had 3 towels for four people! Uh-oh. Worry no more – Frette’s $25 guest towels have you covered at an affordable price. I’ll be picking up the gold trim and leaving my embarrassment on the side, thanks!

Are you redecorating this spring?  Do you have a boho home?  I’m obsessed with this beautiful style so share your stories below!