8 Simple Solutions To Your Sleep Problems

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Did you know that sleep has become a huge issue as it pertains to our health, yet it still isn’t getting the attention it deserves.

Many of us are so used to being tired all the time that we think that is the new norm. If you go to Google and type in “Why am I…” Do you know what is the most common autocomplete?
“Why am I so tired?”

Why ARE you so tired?!

Today, I’ve worked with Casper to bring you 8 of the most common reasons you’re not getting enough sleep – and how to solve them!


Anxiety before bed is completely normal. Sometimes when we get the chance to slow down, allll of our problems start to creep in! My favorite solution? Meditation! And now – there’s an app (or 100) for that! Here are 5 more simple steps to dealing with anxiety.


Meditation is a great pre-bedtime ritual, but so is a nice, long, luxurious bath! Do whatever makes you comfortable and makes it easy to wind down!


My favorite (organic!) mattresses and sheets can be found here!


Madagascar Vanilla non-gmo almond chews anyone?!


My favorite ear plugs in the world (they work if your partner snores too!)


May I suggest this book? 😉 and these?


One of the best pieces of advice ever! In order to go with the theme of keeping your phone out of your room, invest in a bedside clock like this one for your weekend arousal!


I can’t sleep in the summer without at least two fans going! I keep this one by my bed and put this one in a corner facing the bed. Works miracles!