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First of all, this package from CV Skinlabs came at an amazing time.  It arrived in New York when I was home with my Dad, who is a Cancer Survivor but also still taking Chemotherapy for some remaining cancerous cells, and suffering from some severe affects from having a few bouts of brain radiation a few months ago.  While I don’t talk about our battle much on here (so far just one post to date), CV Skinlabs has actually been a post-chemo (and during-chemo) godsend!  As you may know, skin that has been through Cancer Treatments may be subject to all sorts of nasty side effects, such as hair loss, mouth sores, dryness, blotches, dark spots, cracking, redness, pruritus, peeling, or swollen skin, all of which – and more – he’s going through.  When the skin is compromised in this way it leaves room for other cracks, sores, diseases and infections to fester or pop up.  It’s not pretty, to say the least, and it needs special care. And since I am always looking for new and affective ways to take care of Dad, and Founder – and general Amazing Person – Britta Aragon designed this brand specifically for her own Father during his struggle with cancer, I really thought that this would be perfect!


( Here he is being a straight up G at Christmas!)

However, it wasn’t Dad I needed to worry about!  A day or two after I received this package, my CV Skinlabs Calming Moisture was missing!  I hunted for it everywhere for half the day, afraid that I somehow had misplaced it before I even got a chance to start using it!  Finally, desperate, I peeked in their bedroom.  It’s a chore to get Mom to try anything she’s never tried before – I have a hard time introducing her to new brands because she loves what she’s always used, and I don’t blame (or argue with!) her.  So, to my surprise, CV Skinlabs Calming Moisture was sitting on my Mom’s nightstand – and upon closer inspection?  A quarter of it was already gone!

Well, Jeez MomThanks!  You could have asked!

( At least now I know what she’s getting for her birthday! 😉 )


The Calming Moisture for Face, Neck and Scalp helps sooth dehydrated and/or damaged skin.  It’s amazingly lightweight, smells great but not strong, and goes on without feeling greasy or oily!  It calms redness on Dad’s skin and also did so on my own skin, as well as creates a healthy, glowing complexion.  The best part?  Every CV Skinlabs product contains the Tri-Rescue Skin Complex, a blend of all natural, safe and organic ingredients including aloe, turmeric, alpha-bisabolol and reishi mushroom which is a powerful combination of anti-inflammatory, wound-healing and skin-soothing loveliness.  So I feel totally safe about slathering Dad in it! And I guess Mom loved it too! 😉


The Body Repair Lotion was great for rubbing on Dad’s swollen and dry feet, arms, head and hands and my own dry, cold-damaged East Coast hands and legs during my trip.  This calmed not only his dryness, but my own psoriasis (something I practically give up on curing during my East Coast winter time) completely disappeared!  I applied this overnight and would wake up with moisturized skin – nothing sticky and no clogged pores!  This stuff is a miracle in a bottle!


The Restorative Skin Balm.  Yes, yes.  I am in love with you, Restorative Skin Balm.  Don’t tell the other products, but you are my favorite. And if I could buy a gallon of this for Dad, I would.  Even though his surgery scars have healed remarkably well, I would recommend this to anyone who has just gone in post-surgery for anything!  The Carnauba and bee’s wax safeguard the moisture barrer so your skin can recover.  This works so well on areas that just make you feel like giving up on treating them because they’re so bad.  This is for the extremely dry, cracked areas – the ones you’ve just started ignoring because they’ll never look like your other skin?  Yeah.  That’s what this addresses.  I would recommend this to anyone going through radiation therapy as a precaution before your skin even gets dry, as well as to treat it once it happens.  Anyone suffering from eczema, post acne scars or psoriasis also need to pick this up!  Made with all organic, natural and anti-inflammatory, wound healing ingredients, it’s non-petroleum based and skin saving!

For how affordable, safe and affective these products are, I think they’re perfect for anyone!  But if you or a loved one are going through Cancer Treatment, you know that it puts you on quite the budget very quickly ($12,000 a month for 30 pills of Chemo?  Okaycool now what’s the point of Healthcare again?!) and for under $50 (the Restorative Balm is only $26!) these awesome products will keep your wallet happy as well as get you on your way to healthy, moisturized skin!

Love & Light


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