Best Brand For Troubled Skin: Rainwater Botanicals

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Designed in 1999 for their own needs, by 2000 Rainwater Botanicals were getting “owie” stories from people around the country who had used their incredible Comfrey Healing Balm to recover from dry skin, eczema, rashes, insect bits, cuts scrapes and diaper rash!  A decade ago, in 2004, they put together their own line of trusted Skin Care products that they truly believe in and use personally for everything from Mens Care, to Healing & Prevention, to my own personal Skin Suffering… Troubled Skin.

What Is Troubled Skin?

Troubled Skin is skin that is bumpy, breaking out, scarred, scarring, flared, red or otherwise uneven. This also includes Acne.  Acne is caused from several factors. First you start with clogged pores (ostiums). Then, excessive amounts of “sticky” oil (sebum) backs up in the pores (follicle). When bacteria feeds on this sebum, you get inflammation. The resulting blemish is the body’s attempt to fight off the invasive bacteria. Perhaps acne is genetic-no one really knows why one person may get acne while another may not. What you need to understand is that controlling acne is just like maintaining your weight. You don’t go to a weight-loss clinic, lose a few pounds and then go back to eating anything you like. Acne is the same way. It requires constant care and discipline.  This regiment from Rainwater Botanicals has truly improved my acne, hormonal breakouts and troubled skin by balancing out my skin’s natural sebum levels over the course of a few weeks use and targeting and healing blemishes and scars with essential oils & herbs!


Troubled Skin Facial Serum – $15.99

I’ve been using this serum as a spot treatment since my sample was so precious and it truly does the trick!  Frankincense has been remarkable for my skin!  It’s regeneration properties helps to diminish spots and scars.  Not only does it clear up eruptions and blemishes but it also helps to heal old chicken pox marks, stretch marks and scars. It has a positive and calming effect on the mind and body and promotes mental relaxation by fighting off anxiety and stress. I love this little serum!


Repair Serum – $22

I am just as in love with his compadre – the repair serum!  This golden, gorgeous serum drips out of the bottle so luxuriously, it’s hard not to want to put this on my whole face!  This is great for treating scars after blemishes are healing, and even works well to treat and renew skin affected by old scars! Use it as a spot treatment!

Olive Squalane, organic virgin coconut, organic castor seed oil, organic jojoba oil, unrefined apricot seed oil, wild crafted shea butter, organic pumpkin seed oil, wild crafted carrot seed oil, organic evening primrose oil, organic rose hip seed oil, organic soy lecithin, essential oils of rosewood, rose, chamomile, helichrysum, neroli, and carrot seed, rosemary extract.


Pimple Potion – $8

As you can tell – I take this little guy everywhere with me – just in case!  A truly delightful blend of essential oils including basil, bergamot and geranium impart healing, soothing and antiseptic properties and a heavenly relaxing scent. Organic Botanical extracts of chamomile and calendula, helichrysum as well as olive leaf extract sooth skin and provide antioxidants and antiseptic properties. Organic geranium hydrosol tones and protects skin.  My skin absolutely craves the black willow in this and it works just as good if not better than any Salyctic Acid treatment I use when I do get a breakout!  Skin is calmer and less red immediately after use and I can feel small tingles as it goes to work removing all the crap still in my face!  Oh yeah – and the sample size is only $1!


Troubled Skin Facial Toner – $12.00

Lavender, Chamomile, Aloe, Black Willow Bark & Witch Hazel are what’s got me addicted to this toner!  I use it literally every day to set my makeup and every night to remove it.  It smells just like my garden, and tones without leaving any kind of sticky feeling behind!  It’s definitely been helping my skin – I will often spray it onto a cotton pad and use it on trouble areas instead of my whole face, and it’s been a little miracle worker on areas that just weren’t healing up!  For $2 you really can’t go wrong!


Troubled Skin Facial Cream with Frankincense and Tamanu – $22

As far as I’m concerned, this is where the real powerhouse is at.  I use this cream overnight to clear up blemishes and it does so each and every time!  Reduces redness, puffiness and helps scars heal naturally, this formula also smells amazing and nourishes skin as it works!  It’s also made with organic aloe, organic black willow bark extract, organic calendula water, organic geranium water, organic chamomile water, wild crafted shea butter, and organic plum kernel oil.

Have You Tried Anything From Rainwater Botanicals?

*These products have been generously gifted to me for the purpose of review.  With deep appreciation, I give my fully informed and honest opinion always.

Love & Light


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