Best Brand For Healing Skin: Velvet Botanicals (Everything $10 & Under!)

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In 2009, Bella Torres made her first batch of Ninon Night Cream out of organic, unrefined ingredients.  Just 5 short years later, Velvet Botanicals has everything from lip balm to moisture sealers to healing balm – and yes – even more of that magic Ninon Night Cream, made in small batches with lots of love & care!


Ninon Night Cream – $3.25 for a sample / $12 full size

This popular all-natural cream is called Ninon, after Ninon de l’Enclos who was a French philosopher and courtesan. It was said that at the age of 90, her skin was as smooth as when she was 20. In the 1700s, her attendant published the recipe for her night cream. Bella has made as minimal changes to the recipe as possible. Velvet Botanicals uses a vegan wax (and not spermaceti), and Meadowfoam oil instead of lard. Meadowfoam oil is high in Omega-3, and works excellently in smoothing wrinkles, and moisturizing dry and weathered skin. In addition, it is comprised of 98% fatty acids.

I only need to use a dime size amount of this on my face at night, and it works little miracles! I love how soft and luxurious this cream is- and practically unscented!  I wake up to skin that is nourished, hydrated, and softened.  It’s targeted some wrinkles and under eye bags that were being very stubborn!  A small sample of this will last me for months and the results are incredible!


Original Moisture Sealer – $4.99 for sample size / $19.95 for Full Size

In order to lock in the Ninon Cream – or any other – this moisture sealer is going to be your go-to!  It contains no synthetic perfumes or chemicals.  After showering I apply the moisture sealer, then I apply my body lotion.  Velvet Botanicals says that this may make your skin hydrated up to 4 times more, which I completely believe. It definitely keeps my skin hydrated longer!  It leaves skin soft, luxurious and amazing to the touch.  I can’t get enough of it – it’s jammed packed with incredible oils!  It’s made with All Natural, Fair Trade, Vegan Ingredients: Coconut Oil, Almond Oil, Essential Oils, Sunflower oil, Apricot Kernal oil, Meadowfoam oil, Avocado oil, & Jojoba oil.


Lotion Bar – $10 for Full Size

Made with Unrefined Organic Coconut Oil, Meadowfoam Oil, Kokum Butter, Aloe Vera, Lavender, Geranium, Palmarosa, Vegan Vegetable Wax, this Calendula Lotion Bar is simply awesome!  Just apply it just like you would use a regular bar of soap; but don’t wash it off. To apply, just rub the lotion bar over your clean skin, and the bar will deeply nourish. You can apply it to rough/dry hands, knees, feet, elbows, arms, legs, or use it as a total body moisturizer like I do!  It’s helpful for healing scars, calloused hands or for anyone who gardens or works outdoors!  It leaves my hands so incredibly soft and moisturized!



Arnica and Calendula Healing Balm – $10

This stuff is a steal for $10!  Talk about fixing callouses & dry skin – this balm is the bomb! I had a bruise on the side of my leg from accidentally hitting it in the shower, and this healing balm got to work and took care of it in 4 days!  I use this on my body after yoga or doing stretches where my muscles are sore.  Virgin Coconut oil, soothing Lavender, and healing Aloe Vera gel make up this little powerhouse and I absolutely love it!  Recommend it to anyone who is prone to bruising or accidental self injury like I am 😉 or any of my musician friends who need some healing for their hands!


Watermelon Lip Balm – $2.95


Made with Candelilla Wax, Shea Butter, Almond Oil & essential oils for flavoring, I am addicted to this lip balm!  When I use it, I don’t have to worry about any harmful chemicals, parabens, or animal cruelty having anything to do with it!  For less than $3, this is a steal!  It’s incredibly moisturizing, leaves lips hydrated and soft, and smells SO good I want to eat it!


Have You Tried Anything From Velvet Botanicals?

*These products have been generously gifted to me for the purpose of review.  With deep appreciation, I give my fully informed and honest opinion always.

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