Beauty Blast: Relaxation Rundown

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Okay, okay… I admit it: I’m a little bit of a workaholic (and not in the relevant Comedy Central way.)  This came in the form of self-neglect for a number of years.  But it has now, in recent months, made me a huge fan of taking care of myself, and I’m always looking for new, wonderful and down to earth ways to do it!

This is a relatively new concept for me, but one I really enjoy indulging in when it comes to my bath and beauty routine, as well as my diet and fitness. 

When I travel back to the East Coast, it’s important for me to bring, try and promote local brands that really combat the dry, windy cities of lore!  The amazing Laurel – founder, Skin Guru & overall wonderful woman, who grows some of Sequoia’s herbs in her own garden– of Sequoia Beauty gave me the opportunity to do just that when she sent over a lovely little care package of facial treatment They are based in the Bay area of California, and the wonderful thing about Sequoia is that there is absolutely NO water added to dilute their ingredients.  In the world of beauty products, this is absolutely and almost impossible to find!  I got the opportunity to use her products for my nightly bath routine, and what a difference!  

I have 5 friendly steps to using Sequoia products to aid your nightly skincare routine!


Treat yourself with the Almond Exfoliant & Honey Berry Enzyme Mask! Your skin will thank you!  

These ingredients are certified organic, raw, local to the bay area, and non-gmo!


Apply some ultra moisturizing Lavender Lip Healer while your mask sets! Lavender is one of my favorite scents!  So calming & lovely! 

Hop in a bath, relax in bed, in a sunny spot, read your favorite book, and breathe deeply!  

Use Sequoia’s Hydrating Cleanser to cleanse your face of the Mask or Exfoliant.  I use the Transform Moisturizer on my lips and eyelids as I relax & unwind!restoreLastly, use the Tighten Toner & Nourishing Serum on your face to promote all natural anti-aging, skin healing & organic rejuvenation!

A big hug, love, shout out & thank you to Sequoia Beauty for making my skin routine easy, flexible, transportable and 100% Organic!  I’m more than happy to share about their commitment to health & wellness!

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