Happy Saturday!  Me & Raelie say “What’s up?” from Venice Beach!

What a productive week!

I’ve had a bunch of meetings with acting, modeling and talent agencies to secure one that is willing to work strongly with me on my goals.  I’ve gotten some wonderful feedback which I appreciate immensely, met some remarkable people, signed a few contracts and still have a few meetings scheduled before I’m ready to announce who I’ll be working with, but I am VERY excited to say the least so far!  

I’ve been singing my little heart out on some new tracks for hindu doggie, American Plugs & writing my little heart out for a follow up song/video for Visual Exchange while gathering super talented musicians to work on some new tunes.  I’m excited for you guys to hear it all!

I’ve had a lot of phone conversations to secure ecofriendly and organic brands for the Around the World Lookbook, and packages have been coming in droves with absolutely beautiful (seriously, I am absolutely speechless at the quality and thought that goes into these pieces!) eco conscious, handmade & organic brands!  I’ll be teaming up with another couple of blogs to bring you more Organic Life, which has been a goal of mine since before I can remember.  I really love spreading the love!

All very exciting news, and I couldn’t be more grateful.  I’ve been saying my Positive Mantras and kissing the ground, believe me!  🙂

But meeting after meeting has been rough on me, and the travel from my secure little House in the mountains down to Hollywood for meetings, casting, & music has been rough on my skin.  I’m really not used to wearing makeup, the whole of what I do wear is minimal, and my skin has a tendency to dry out, flake, and crack in the sun if not tended to properly ( or if makeup is left on it for say, hours at a time… which just happens to be a huge part of my job :P).  Combine that with Los Angeles’s striking 75 degree March weather a week after coming home from New York, and you’ve got a Beauty Blast! 🙂



I’ve been rocking me some Bubble & Bee this week, which is just fantastic not only because whipping this adorable packaging out at a casting or a shoot gets you a zillion questions,  but because Stephanie Greenwood, founder, is another scientist and a girl after my own heart.  And you know how I love supportive my scientists turned beauty gurus [ call it Self-Love 🙂 ]!  I can’t say enough about this company!  One Google search will tell you everything: everyone who’s ever tried them is simply in love!  And Bubble & Bee’s Coconut & Lime Lotion Stick is 100% organic, contains no water ( almost impossible to find!), contains no synthetic chemicals or estrogen mimickers, goes on smooth, doesn’t wash off like water-based lotions, heals dry hands fast, is airline permitted (so important for me!  So many of my beautiful products have been thrown away at TSA!), has a convenient application, great value, great for sensitive skin, no animal testing, & gluten-free.  Seriously, what more could you WANT!  It’s perfect for chapped hands, feet, elbows!  And perfect for travel!



Okay seriously I don’t know what more to say about this Raspberry & Vanilla Body Butter except that it’s my absolute favorite scent and I wish I had invented it!  Raspberry.  And. Vanilla.  AHHHH why didn’t I think of that? 🙂

Organic shea butter moisturizes deeply, delivering essential protecting lipids to the skin, while organic coconut oil with retained coconut meat keep this formula smooth but not greasy.  It’s perfect for after-bath moisturizing!


Last (but certainly not least!) to treat my face I’ve been using the Bubble & Bee Organic Certified Face Cream (For Women).

With only 3 super important and organic ingredients, it fights wrinkles, dry skin & aging without any nasty ingredients or water added!  A small amount on the face and I’m good for the rest of the day.  I cannot tell you how tremendous that is!  On the East Coast I’ve had to put moisturizer on all day long to no avail!  Remember:


A big THANK YOU to Bubble & Bee for being true to their customers, and a big thank you to everyone on their support not only of this blog, but of my entire life: all of my little endeavors, my music, my writing, my ideas.  I appreciate your responses to my heartfelt approaches to you all for creative input, and you dealing with my stubbornness about .  I know sometimes I may come off kind of preachy, but I really believe in this stuff, and I love you all and want you well! 🙂

Do yourself a favor: relax, check out Bubble & Bee, do some healing research, listen to some good tunes this weekend & spread the love!

An early Happy St. Patty’s Day to all my fellow Irish & to my Irish readers!

Love you all!

Love & Light

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