Has the whole World gone mad?

It seems like every time I wake up something else I didn’t expect is either happening or in the process of being solved.  It weighs heavy on the soul.

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Not only have I been darting from casting to booking to audition to bed since coming home from Mexico, I’ve been holding my breath about the absolutely horrific situation in Boston.  Home to so many loved ones and my own former homestead, my heart goes out to everyone affected.  It, of course, brings back memories of being in NYC during our own horrific attack a little over a decade ago, and it’s felt extremely helpless for me over here on the West Coast to get photos, calls and texts about what’s truly going on in the streets there.  I am happy to say that everyone is safe and sound, and I’m happy to hear that everyone has been apprehended.  I can’t say enough about that wonderful city: all my love and prayers.  I’ll be holding everyone I love a little tighter from now on. <3


That said, I have a ton of gorgeous photos that I just can’t wait to share with you guys!  Mexico was absolutely life changing – the Eco-Friendly Hotel I stayed at deserves (and will shortly get) it’s very own post.  The landscapes were breathtaking, the drive was mind blowing, the culture phenomenal.  I had the most incredible dreams and discovered some important meditation practices to aid in patience and wellness.  The shots Kris got are absolutely gorgeous!

 Also got to stay and shoot at the Avalon Hotel in Beverly Hills: Marilyn Monroe’s former house for 3 years, and happy place for Lucille Ball & Mae West.

So, SO gorgeous!  Talk about life changing!!



As we all piece ourselves back together this week, please keep this little girl in your prayers.  She went missing in Utah last week and hasn’t been found yet.

Thank you.

Enjoy your weekend!! I’ll be updating lovely, happy things from here on out!

Promise ^^

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