It’s that time of year again!  We’re a week away from summer, and I’ve been working pretty hard to stay healthy and glowing for this time of the year!  Me and my friend (& National Geographic photographer ) Ben Horton went down to El Segundo and shot some summer beach stuff!  Jamie Dorman, makeup genius, served as MUA.  I got to try on about half a dozen of my suits & see what still needs to be filled out a bit. 😉  I’m trying to incorporate a lot of protein into my diet lately, but have been leaning very frequently towards veggie and juice meals.  I just can’t help myself – the veggies and fruits are SO fresh in California all summer long!  And it’s just so easy to throw a handful of them into my blender and keep the snack up all day long!  I honestly feel healthier and better than I have in my whole life this way, and some recent climbing and hiking adventures have given me muscles (and aches!) in places I didn’t even know existed!  Oh well – it’s well worth it when your view is this when you finally get up there:

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I really love this time of year.  It lends itself to all sorts of adventures and ideas.  I’m super inspired to be working on so many great projects with so many great people!  I can see & hear my music and writing evolving, the books that I gravitate towards are spiritually and scientifically inclined, & I find myself in a completely different place than I expected all the time, but I am happily there.

I hope you’re all having a wonderful spring & end to your spring!

Cheers for summer!  Back to the beach!

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