The Best Anti-Viral Herbs

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Since ancient times, herbs have been used as natural treatments for various illnesses, including viral infections. 

Due to their concentration of potent plant compounds, many herbs help fight viruses and are favored by practitioners of natural medicine. Here are some of my favorites:


A popular member of the mint family, sage is an aromatic herb that has long been used in traditional medicine to treat viral infections. Sage is also known to help ease congestion and respiratory issues and is often used in homemade remedies to help with cold and flu symptoms.

The antiviral properties of sage are mostly attributed to compounds called safficinolide and sage one, which are found in the leaves and stem of the plant.

In one study, sage extract significantly inhibited HIV activity by preventing the virus from entering target cells. 

I recommend using sage sticksplants and teas. I also use sage as an important ingredient in my Detox Repair Serum.


Fennel is a licorice-flavored plant that may fight certain viruses.

A test-tube study showed that fennel extract exhibited strong antiviral effects against parainfluenza. Fennel may also boost your immune system and decrease inflammation, which may likewise help combat viral infections.

I recommend this organic fennel tea.


Peppermint is known to have powerful antiviral qualities and commonly added to teas, extracts, and tinctures meant to naturally treat viral infections. 

Its leaves and essential oils contain active components, including menthol and rosmarinic acid, which have antiviral and anti-inflammatory activity. In a test-tube study, peppermint exhibited potent antiviral activity against respiratory syncytial virus and significantly decreased levels of inflammatory compounds.

I recommend using peppermint dropsplants and teas. I also use peppermint as an important ingredient in my Activated Lip Lift.

Lemon Balm

Lemon balm is a lemony plant that’s commonly used in teas and seasonings. It’s also celebrated for its medicinal qualities.

Lemon balm extract is a concentrated source of potent essential oils and plant compounds that have antiviral activity.

Test-tube research has shown that it has antiviral effects against many strains of influenza.

I recommend using lemon balm roll onsplants and teas. I also use lemon (another anti-viral plant) as an important ingredient in my Detox Repair Serum.