Cured by Nature


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“Code Yellow Alert! A Code Yellow is when I read a book and just about every page is full of yellow highlighter. Cured by Nature is a perfect blend of three of my favorite things: personal development, health, and storytelling. Tara tells a shocking and inspiring story of taking back her health and life by taking control of her mind. I could have interviewed Tara for 4… 5… 6 hours!”

Sean Croxton

Founder, Underground Wellness , The Sessions

We love Tara’s book, Cured by Nature, and we’re so impressed with all that Tara does! We recommend it all the time at our pharmacy to patients!

Stonegate Pharmacy

“A unique combination of scientific facts and personal anecdotes… Tara challenges readers to change their lives with simple daily thought patterns and practices that result in a more vibrant, happy life. With her easy to use tools and mindful practices, holistic health is accessible and attainable!”

“You can revolutionize your life based on Tara Mackey’s experiences in Cured by Nature. Tara’s raw, personal story of dealing with tough family circumstances and a dependence on pharmaceuticals, carving out a natural life through positive thoughts, and developing an appreciation for green beauty is a great read and illuminating.”

“This is a must read for anyone concerned with gaining optimal health. Reading Cured By Nature is like sitting down with your best friend to chat about personal growth in all areas of life.”

Cindy Bokma

Founder + CEO, Hello Dollface

If you know someone who has been diagnosed with depression, anxiety or any kind of immune disorder, give them this book! With Cured by Nature, Ms. Mackey is lifting the veil on overmedication that happened to her and her entire generation; and it’s high time. I applaud Tara for opening up the pandoras box and how this has really affected young people like her throughout the last few decades.

Laurie S.

Founder , OMThat

After years of trauma, I am on my way to being the healthiest I have ever been. I owe my life to this book! We keep a copy in our lobby for our patients and I could not recommend it more highly. Every member of our staff is hooked on Cured by Nature!


M.D. , Cornell Medical College

“Compelling and action inspiring – people at every age can experience the deep knowledge and wisdom her rich story effortlessly delivers on her powerful, holistic journey to radiant health and happiness. Tara is one of this generation’s great Wellness leaders!”

Josh Rosebrook

Founder , Josh Rosebrook Hair & Skincare

“Tara has quite literally taken her life back by listening to her body and taping into the truly awesome healing powers of nature. This is a must-read for anyone who is sick of treating symptoms and ready to make long-lasting lifestyle changes for wellness.”

Adina Grigorie

Founder & Author, S.W. Basics Skincare + The Skin Cleanse

“From being well to living well, Tara provides practical tools for achieving wholeness along her journey to true healing, happiness and self-discovery. With complete authenticity and raw vulernability, Tara shows us how we, too, can be cured by nature.”

Brandie Gilliam

Founder + Editor, Thoughtfully Magazine

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