A Relaxing Day (+ Video) With Jewel Toned

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Jewel Toned has become one of my absolute favorite companies.  Not only because they promote sexy shape wear that’s meant to be shown off, instead of hidden (what an incredible concept!) but because they’re truly comfortable, wearable and fashion-forward.    Check out the last post where I went hiking with Jewel Toned here.

In this post, I’m thrilled to show you how I wear my latest Jewel Toned piece casually at home with Raels in between catching up on reading!  Admittedly, reading – my favorite pastime – has been more difficult lately because I am involved in some projects I have to dedicate a ton of time to, including my first major movie role in Los Angeles!!  I’ll be working with some of my favorite writers, directors, actors and actresses in the world, and I couldn’t be more grateful (or happy!)  I had my fitting yesterday, so the dream has finally sunk in: it’s really happening!! 😀 😀

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Love love love love love.