6 Simple Summer Snacks

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Okay, I have a serious fruit addiction.  I’ll buy 3 cartons of berries and 2 days later I’m explaining to Frank (my go-to check out guy) that I just needed 3 more.  Luckily, the market has been having sales on fruit lately, so my little heart is practically bursting.  The first lovely thing that I like to make with my berries is a banging


All you need is granola, yogurt, and any kind of berries, and you’re good to go!  They’re actually SO simple to make you’re going to be mad you’ve been handing Starbucks your $6 for these every morning.


Personal Pizza’s have been my go-to since college, and they’re super simple to make from scratch or to throw in the oven for 18 mins while you finish that Game of Thrones episode.  I prefer Amy’s brand pizza’s, since they’re Organic, Natural & GMO-Free, but I made that baby from scratch ^^


Avocado on Toast is becoming one of my favorite snacks.  You can just open the Avocado and spread it onto a piece of toast like butter, then add your favorite veggie, or hot sauce, and you’re good to go!  I swear I made about 50 of these the first day I tried it. :X

ImageSalad is intuitive and can be boring, but hear me out.  I make the most integrated salads you can imagine, and I throw my fruits and nuts into just about every one.  If you’re having a hard time getting your greens or fruits in – I’d start here.  I will make a salad out of ANYTHING – this ^^ is Garden Lettuce, Apples, Cucumbers, Berries, Nuts, and a Salmon that I made, cut up and threw in there for protein.   I also love Avocado’s, and Olive Oil or Grapeseed Oil makes a great dressing!

ImageI completely forgot how much I like Whipped Cream.  Now that Lucerne makes a Gluten-free one, I had to try it!  So, I’ve found my new healthy mid-afternoon snack: Strawberries & Whipped Cream!  I know Whipped Cream isn’t the healthiest option in the Universe, but if you have as much as you’d need with a handful of berries, I think you’ll be okay.  🙂  Everything in moderation!

ImageYep, you guessed it – more berries!  I told you I had a problem!  😀

This is my new absolute favorite snack – Pudding Parfait: Rice Pudding, Plain Greek Yogurt, Chia seeds, berries & Chocolate Pudding on top.  Now, I’m not talking about Jello Pudding.  The berries make it anti-oxidant & Kozy Shack is gluten free if you want to go the healthy route.

Happy Snacking!

Thank you very much.

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