5 Ways To Feel Better Instantly

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Everyone has down days.  Everybody has days when feeling better seems impossible.  Even people who you consider to be permanently cheery or totally untouchable have moments of despair and sadness.  This is totally normal.  It’s okay.  It’s actually healthy.  Feeling is dealing, however, prolonged sadness or letting terrible feelings take over days or weeks of your time is no fun, and it’s an emotion that gets more and more difficult to pull yourself out of the longer it victimizes you.

I’ve felt the desperate feelings.  I’ve had the ugly cry.  I’ve drowned in the insecurities.  I’ve let myself feel all the emotions and have typical (and sometimes a-typical) breakdowns.  But then, in just a few minutes, I can take inventory of my emotions when I have let it all out and take myself back to center.  I can look up to the sky or at the love I have around me and feel absolute happiness.


The tools I’ll touch on today have worked for me in the last handful of years I’ve been practicing them and for many others for thousands of years before.  The beauty of accepting and allowing yourself to feel however you’re feeling in the moment will bless you with the clarity of clear perspective.  This week I give you the tools you’ll need to pull yourself out of any icky feeling – from depression to minor annoyance – and feel instantly better!

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With love,