2015 Highlights: The Best Year Ever


2015! Wow, did that fly by or what?

What a great year it’s been, honestly! I couldn’t be more grateful for all that’s come my way nor could I feel like I kicked more butt, seriously. Thank you guys for all of your love, support and light this year! I could not have done it without you.

Some super-highlights include announcing my book deal, turning in my manuscript for Cured by Nature, moving into my dream house by the beach (and then my even dreamier house just a few more minutes away from the beach!), meeting some of my best friends and most amazing mentors, and much more – but I wanted to take a minute to touch on the best perks, posts and people I’ve found this year – plus some of your favorites, too!

And remember, as Yogananda put it, “Forget the past. Everything in the future will improve if you are making a spiritual effort now.”

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  • I fell in love with San Francisco.
  • Made it to every art museum I could find. Even if it was a solo date sometimes. 😉
  • Learned a little bit of french this year. Any recommendations would be super helpful, though, as I’m reading my way through it!
  • Spent a ton of time meditating at The Self Realization Fellowship temple. I just can’t get enough of this gorgeous place, and it really grounded me spiritually this year.
  • A behind the scenes look at shooting for some of my favorite brands, like Made for Pearl from Janis Joplin’s niece, Malyn Joplin!
  • The bathroom of my dreams manifested into my life. I just adore it, and will be sharing my interior decorating journey in 2016! Can’t wait!
  • My trip to New York to meet with Elle, Good Housekeeping and Harper’s Bazaar, etc. about my book was one of my best trips back home yet!






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Woo!  Aside from editing a whole book this year, I sure did do a lot of writing, photographing, activities and adventuring! Thanks everyone, for helping me make this the most kick ass year yet! Here’s to an amazing 2016! I absolutely love you all. Have a safe, happy and healthy new year!

Be Happy. Stay Weird. Live well.

With love,