14 Healthy Ways To Kick-Start Your New Year:

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I spent today – the second day of the year – at Vasquez Rocks shooting new Green Beauty looks and spending amazing time with a good friend.  It was absolutely beautiful – breathtaking – gorgeous, and it’s got me excited about the year and my plans and my future, as well as inspired!  Here are 14 Healthy Things that came to mind when also trying to jump-start the New Year slugs into New Year goals, plans and action!


14. Listen to Different Kinds of Music

This will jump start your brain and get you in a new and creative thought pattern.

13. Join A Gym Where You Can Climb

getting the extra added benefit of learning to climb will be another great thing to add to your healthy resume!

12. Grow A Garden

growing just one plant over a long period has been shown to decrease stress, anxiety, moodiness and lower heart attacks.

11. Make Homemade Tea 

a wonderful way to detox in the morning or before bed!

10. Pick 5 Good Books.  

Read them. That is all!

9. Journal Every Day

8. Oil Pull

a wonderful way to keep your mouth and gums healthy.

7. Make It a Point To See Every Sunset

cause why not?

6. Drink More Water

I won’t nag you.  Just do it. 😉

5. Limit Caffeine Intake

Caffeine is a drug and it’s changing your mood for the worse overall.  Try replacing Caffeine with Ginseng or exercise!

4. Take More Baths

yummy spa time days with yourself!  You need that!  Trust me! 😉

3. Meditate 

just 15 minutes of meditation a day has been linked to everything from lower blood pressure to miraculously getting rid of Cancer.  Why aren’t you doing this right now?!

2. Eat Fiber

Exercise for your gut.  Fiber is the best thing to add to an already organic diet!

1. Travel

Staying active tops the list of challenges we face as we grow older and  79 percent of Americans see travel as a way to get energized and feel more alive. In fact, 2/3 say travel is great for being physically active.  People who travel are less likely to suffer from depression, anxiety and chronic health issues.

I hope you’re all having a safe, beautiful New Year!


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